Webinar Rundown – The Importance of Employer Branding

the importance of employer branding

Have you been following our webinar series? In February, we hosted an inspiring webinar about The Importance of Employer Branding. Denise Gredler, BestCompaniesUSA’s CEO and Founder and Lindsay M. Smith, BestCompaniesUSA’s VP of Brand Evangelism led the conversation, giving insightful and detailed answers to so many common questions about employer branding.

For one, what is employer branding? Why does it matter? How does it benefit companies?

Denise and Lindsay tackled these questions with expertise and charm! They shared their definition of employer branding, explained why it’s important, and highlighted the return on investment companies see when they intentionally create a branding plan.

Why Employer Branding Matters

Employer branding involves so much more than making statements about what your company stands for. Building a great employer brand involves thinking strategically and reflecting on what you want your company to represent in the minds of the community and potential job applicants.

Companies with strong, positive employer brands have been shown to perform better in the stock market. These companies don’t just establish themselves as great places to work. They also position themselves as leaders in the marketplace, sparking attention from investors, potential employees, and potential customers alike!

You may still be asking yourself, does it really matter?

The answer is yes. Companies that have won awards for being great places to work, such as the Top Companies to Work for in Texas distinction and the Most Admired Companies award, have much more engaged workforces.

On average, around 30%of employees are engaged, or happy, at work in the United States workforce, according to a 2017 Gallup report on workplace engagement. However, 92% of employees at companies that have won the Top Companies to Work for in Texas reported being happy and engaged at work.

Investing in creating a great place to work and showcasing that to the world through your brand increases employee engagement and productivity across the board. It’s worth it.

Webinar Highlights – Five Best Moments in the Episode

The webinar was jam-packed with tips, knowledge, and motivation for employers to start thinking about proactively designing their employer brand. Here’s a look at five of the best moments.

  • Denise shared a list of 10 of the best employer branding moves
  • Lindsay and Denise shed light on what department in a company should be responsible for the branding strategy
  • Denise gave recommendations for how companies can win awards locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Lindsay and Dense discussed how to get company leadership on board with prioritizing and investing in employer branding
  • Denise gave tips on the types of events to put on to showcase your company’s culture

You can hear all of this and more by listening to the podcast version of the webinar. Our Best Companies Experience also has a new home on iTunes! Stay tuned and keep up with all of our episodes on our iTunes profile here.

But, the good news and knowledge doesn’t end there. BestCompaniesUSA hosts free monthly webinars on the last Wednesday of each month that dive deep into employer branding. Click here to read about and register for our upcoming webinars!


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