12 Ways to Spot a Fun Company to Work For

12 Ways to Spot a Fun Company to Work For

What is one way to spot a fun company to work for? 

To help job hunters find a rich company culture and ultimately a fun company to work for, we asked business professionals and CEOs this question for their best advice. From reaching out to potential peers to asking about opportunities to grow within the company, there are several suggestions that may help you decide if a company is fun and a good fit for you. 

Here are 12 ways to spot a fun company to work for: 

  • Align With Your Preferences
  • Find Their Highlight Reel
  • Pay Attention During the Interview Process
  • Encourage Rest and Vacation Travel
  • Research Employee Reviews
  • Listen for Office Collaboration
  • Reach Out to Potential Peers
  • Get a Feel for Company Culture
  • Offer Special Discounts on Vacation Stays
  • Ask About Workplace Communication
  • Connect Through Competition
  • Seek Opportunities to Grow

Align With Your Preferences 

It really comes down to the people. Even in a virtual setting, you’re likely to spend quite a bit of time meeting with coworkers throughout the day. For some, constant open communication between coworkers and a strong team-oriented atmosphere is more their style, while others prefer a more quiet, individual work environment. It never hurts to ask about a company’s culture during an interview so you can gain a sense of whether their work style matches yours. 

Josh Zywien, Paradox


Find Their Highlight Reel 

While you can’t always believe everything you see on social media, it can’t hurt to check out a company’s social media presence! Keep in mind that every social feed is basically a highlight reel — you shouldn’t apply to a job expecting to play ping pong all day every day. However, social media can give you a glimpse into the people you might be working alongside, what employees do for fun, what benefits a job might offer, what the company values, and so forth.

Maia Kelly, TechnologyAdvice


Pay Attention During the Interview Process 

One of the first and most important ways you can spot whether or not a company has a good culture is during your initial interview process. How are the employees conducting the interview treating you? And if you are being interviewed by multiple people, how are they treating each other? Always pay attention to whether or not the interviewers take time to get to know you on a personal level. If interviewers get to know you beyond the job description, then I believe they are more likely to continue that healthy camaraderie once you are in the role, thus creating a fun and inviting environment. For me, if neither party finds a reason to laugh at least once during the interview, it is not the right culture!  

Bailey Mills, Markitors


Encourage Rest And Vacation Travel

You can’t have a fun culture without encouraging your staff to take breaks, i.e. vacation. We highly recommend Yellowstone National Park as a place to go and get away from work. It should be at the top of everyone’s list as it is truly one of the most diverse and beautiful places in America, full of waterfalls, geysers, vast forests, and calm lakes. There are tons of RV campgrounds near Yellowstone that allow you to camp in comfort without sacrificing those beautiful sunsets. We work with various organizations to offer specials and travel deals, so you rent or buy an RV from us.

Sara Brown, Cruise America


Research Employee Reviews 

Doing research on Glassdoor and other similar websites is a great way to spot a fun company to work for right now. There are tons of reviews and tidbits from employees that can be found on Glassdoor alone. They often have helpful information about the company’s culture, vacation policies, benefits, and more. It helps to do a deep dive into the company before you go any further or consider applying for a job there.

Dennis Hegstad, LiveRecover


Listen for Office Collaboration 

When I visit new client’s offices, I can tell right away if it is a place I would like to work by simply listening to people talking with each other. If it is a library and no one is talking, I get a little worried that they may not be a client for long or that they have a high turnover rate. No talking and no collaborating means they are all in their own silos and probably worried about getting fired or in heavy competition with each other, both of which are red flags for me. I want to be in a work environment that encourages teamwork. I prefer a good open workplace were talking to my coworkers is allowed and encouraged, not the library where it sounds like everyone is gone already even though the chairs are all full of people. 

Ben Walker, Transcription Outsourcing, LLC


Reach Out to Potential Peers 

If you’re able to, talk to other employees who will be holding a similar role. What do they love about their position? What are their greatest memories? If you’re able, have them take you around on an office tour. You’ll get a chance to meet a potential coworker and figure out if the company is fun.

Zoe Waters, Necessary Behavior


Get a Feel for Company Culture 

Providing a fun workplace means having more motivated, productive, and happy employees. One way to spot a fun company to work for is by knowing what the culture at that company is like. If the atmosphere is one where people can laugh and enjoy each other, this automatically creates positive energy. Permitting employees to have fun and feel joy at work can significantly boost engagement and contribute to individual, team, and organizational productivity.

Andrew Bernstein, Kinder Beauty


Offer Specials Discount on Vacation Stays

Some of the best workplaces offer special promotional discounts for travel including flights, rentals, and hotels. Your employees can look forward to escaping to the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in Northern Georgia! Here at the Historic Lake Rabun Hotel, we have romantic rooms complete with fireplaces and garden front views and memorable activities like horseback riding and even couples massages paired with our charming and relaxed atmosphere–it’s a perfect summer get-away. This is especially ideal for high-performing employees with spouses who make sacrifices day in and day out. Taking some much-needed time off to spend with loved ones can certainly work wonders to add back some fun to your workplace culture. 

Gwen North, Lake Rabun Hotel


Ask About Workplace Communication 

Companies that have great communication between management and staff are great fun to work with. The hallmark of a fun company is one that does not put unnecessary stress on employees. Good communication between employees and management is a key part of eliminating unnecessary stress.

Ajay Mehta, Birthdate Co.


Connect Through Competition 

One aspect of a fun company is a friendly sense of competition. When employees are motivating each other to do better through their accomplishments and through playful banter, this creates a vibe of fun and comfortability among teammates. A company like this normally has a manager who facilitates this friendly vibe by recognizing employees weekly or monthly due to their significant accomplishments. When one employee receives this kind of recognition, it normally inspires other employees to win the next time, and teammates can connect over their shared motivation to show off their efforts.

Chris Caouette, Gorilla Bow


Seek Opportunities to Grow 

The number one way to spot a fun company to work for is to see if there’s the freedom to learn and grow. Are employees encouraged to continue advancing their skills and promoted when appropriate? Check some online reviews and read the job description to see if this is a part of the company culture.

Alex Czarnecki, Cottage



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