Top 5 Careers For Liberal Arts Majors

careers for liberal arts majors

Who ever said business and STEM students always have more fun? If you’re earning a liberal arts degree but are seeking a good way to put it to work, keep reading to learn about the top five careers for liberal arts majors.

Top Careers For Liberal Arts Majors

Customer Service / Sales

If you studied English, communications, history, psychology or another liberal arts field, a career in customer service or sales may offer a perfect opportunity for you to put your talents to use. Many of these roles don’t require a specific degree, such as in business. And, as long as you can highlight your people skills, strong work ethic and your ability to juggle multiple tasks as well as meet deadlines, this could be a promising and financially stable career path for you. For instance, if you’re looking to work for one of the Best Companies in Texas, Charles Schwab offers roles in client services that don’t necessarily require a finance background.

PR Specialist

If you earned a liberal arts degree — in something like English or communications (such as journalism), to name a few — working as a PR specialist is a great way to utilize your degree. Working as PR representative entails promoting a client’s image by way of multi-scale marketing strategies and professional public relations campaigns. It’s an ideal career for liberal arts majors. It allows one to hone in on the writing and communication skills they developed while earning their degree. Look into completing PR and advertising work for a business that specializes in maintaining a positive public image.

HR Specialist

Careers in human resources are often fairly diverse, since HR generalists or managers are responsible for a plethora of company needs. Working in HR is a good way to combine your communicative and writing skills. You’ll also exercise your creativity, as you’ll likely be prompted to get innovative and develop fresh, exciting recruitment strategies. Working in HR, your responsibilities include recruiting, training, motivating, and retaining your company’s top talent. Furthermore, working in human resources can prepare you for leadership in an organization. Working in tandem with executive management, HR directors maintain a wealth of responsibilities. These include the development of compensation and benefit plans, procedures, policies, and training.

Advocacy Work

Want to stay away from an office or routine job? Advocacy work for a cause you are passionate about can be a promising route. No matter what particular cause you want to advocate for, there’s an organization somewhere that works to influence policy outcomes surrounding your cause. You can begin working for your chosen cause by volunteering or interning. Then, progressively work your way up to a career in the advocacy network.


If you’re itching to move beyond much of the writing and reading that was involved in earning your liberal arts degree, jobs in politics might be something to pursue. As a politician, you get to interact with others and have the true potential to affect change. These things may have been stagnated for you during your time in school. Political work proves vast and comprehensive. Any number of potential liberal arts degrees that you could have earned — such as history or psychology — will likely help to further any avenue of political work you choose.

What other careers in organizational leadership or for liberal arts majors would you add to this list? How have you put your degree to use? Let us know on our BestCompaniesTexas social channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

careers for liberal arts majors

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