Thinking About A New Job For the New Year? 3 Tips for A Successful Job Transition

new job for the new year

The New Year is right around the corner and amongst the holiday cheer, it’s possible you’ve already started thinking about resolutions. The new year gives people the confidence to make a change. For many that might mean losing a few pounds, finally saving for that new car, or progressing their career.

For those looking to progress their career, stick around because we have three tips to follow if you are looking for a new job for the new year.

Create A Transition Plan

Let’s face it, there are several research papers and studies that investigate the number of people and reasons why people do not achieve new year’s resolutions. However, the consensus is that only a small percentage of people achieve these resolutions. In fact, the Statistic Brain Research Institute reports that only 9.2 percent of people follow through on their resolutions. The reason this minute population does succeed is that they research thoroughly and create a realistic plan.

You’re not going to find your dream job without a detailed transition plan. Detailed guides, such as SMART Goals, outline how you can create a successful plan to attain your goals. Create actionable steps with a reasonable timeline using the SMART framework or your preferred format to track performed tasks; as well as, identify why you may not be achieving the desired result. Keep in mind that planning is only the first step and that you must take action in order to find that new job.

Be Patient

Landing a new job offer is not going to be easy; especially, if you are already employed. There are obstacles that you’ll have to avoid and restrictions that will make finding a new job difficult. You’ll be limited to free time outside of your work schedule to attend interviews, networking events, and conduct job research. Additionally, unless your boss is aware of your job transition, you shouldn’t post a resume on job boards where your boss will see or ask your boss for a recommendation. These factors and more will greatly hinder your job search, but shouldn’t bring it to a screeching halt.

Job searching while employed is tough, but is possible. During this period of time, you can identify skills you may need to perform well, network with people in the industry, and improve your portfolio to make yourself more valuable. A flexible timeline is key, but don’t compromise your goals. Be patient and persistent with the process because eventually, the perfect opportunity will present itself.

Stay Present

It’s not over until it’s over. One of the biggest mistakes that someone transitioning jobs can commit is mentally checking out of their current job too early or before they land the new job. Your contribution to your current job is still valuable and effects the company. Your work ethic and performance will be scrutinized up until the very moment you leave the company. Leave on a good note and continue to perform to your highest capacity.

Stay active within your work community and continue to job search privately. At some point, you’ll need to announce your decision to leave the office. Depending on your relationship with your current boss, you may want to share that you are looking for a new job sooner rather than later. However, avoid the rumor mill with this information and wait until a job offer has been made.

New Year, new you! The new year gives people the confidence to act on goals that they put off the previous year. Don’t be one of the 90-plus percent that fails these goals. Follow our three tips to find a new job for the new year, and transition jobs.

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