The Coolest Office Spaces in Dallas

coolest office spaces in dallas

The “everyday” office is designed to accommodate employees for the workday. However, to engage employees, and increase productivity and creativity, the typical office is beginning to look less like offices, and more like functional playgrounds for employees. Here are a few of the coolest office space in Dallas.

Smart City Locating

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Smart City Locating knows a thing or two about cool office spaces. In fact, Glassdoor recognized Smart City as one of the best places to work in the country. The apartment locating service believes in quick communication, accessibility, and transparency. The open floor plan, which promotes communication and teamwork, is a reflection of Smart City’s core competencies.

The pet-friendly office receives high accolades for its dedication to keeping the office spaces fun, thrilling and fresh. According to Glassdoor, one current employee described the Smart City environment as a place that doesn’t feel like work. “There’s really no reason to frown when you work at Smart City!” said the employee.

eXp Realty

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Albeit, when you think of an office space you might picture employees tucked behind desks. This is not the case for start-up eXp Realty. eXp Realty is one of the fastest growing realty brands in North America. To manage this growth, employees have the opportunity to telecommute through a virtual office program called eXp World.

eXp World allows workers to collaborate as if they were in the same office. This telecommunication perk lets workers decide their cool office space.

Bottle Rocket

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Bottle Rocket is a mobile device specialist and three-time winner of the Dallas Top 100 Place To Work awards. Employees, also known as Rocketeers, have the freedom to strategize and create technologies to serve clients. As a result of such high standards, Bottle Rocket has created an environment built to foster creativity.

Bottle Rocket redefines the meaning of coolest office space. The building’s workspaces are designed to spark ideas with dry-erase board walls and open floor plans. Employees can de-stress at the cafeteria or in one of the many communal areas equipped with video games and musical instruments. Above all, Bottle Rocket defies the standard office space and even resembles one straight from Silicon Valley.


coolest office spaces in Dallas

Solera has earned its right as one of the coolest office spaces in Dallas. The Texas-based company provides risk management and asset protection software and services to the automotive industry. You won’t find stuffy cubicles at this software company; Solera takes inspiration from its automotive clients to create a car junkies dream workplace.

Solera’s “do-it-different” mantra is reflected in its unique office building. The garage-style headquarters, located in Texas, is renovated to resemble a wonderland of cars. Vintage auto parts placed throughout the office create makeshift decorations and workplaces. The unique workspace inspires employees to innovate creative client solutions.

Charles Schwab

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Charles Schwab sees investment as an act of optimism and a commitment to the future. This is why Charles Schwab made an investment in its Texas location and in 2018 opened a 50-acre campus.

The Austin campus at Gracy Farms accommodates more the 1,900 employees. Its open workspace is designed to support a modern and sustainable workplace culture. Multi-use auditorium, adjustable sit/stand desks, a cafeteria, and more are available on the campus.

To engage employees, employers are designing environments that inspire creativity and encourage teamwork. These workspaces are engaging employees and raising the bar of what it means to be a cool place to work in Dallas.

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