Texas Cities Top The List Of The Best Places To Find A Job In 2018

best places to find a job

Curious about where to make your next career move? You might want to pack your bags and head to the Lone Star State. Sixteen cities in Texas earned a spot on the WalletHub list of Best Places To Find A Job In 2018. One of the cities, Plano, even earned a spot in the Top 10.

California has emerged as a top state for outbound moves (rather than people relocating there) — and Texas (69,945) was the No.1 recipient of the mass exodus of California residents in 2016, followed by Texas (64,756), Washington (51,485), Nevada (45,482) and Oregon (43,804). It therefore comes as no surprise that so many Texas cities made the cut for the Best Places To Find A Job In 2018.

Take a look at the best places to find a job in Texas.

Texas’s largest metropolitan areas all made the list, with Austin ranking the highest at 11.

Plano (#6)

Plano, 25 miles north of Dallas, has a low unemployment rate (3.5%), with booming sectors of finance, education, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. One of the best companies to work for in Texas, USAA, has a location in Plano — and, much like many other booming areas of the state, they’re actively hiring for IT roles.

Austin (#11)

Two of the Best Companies in Texas, Charles Schwab and Ryan, are award-winning employers with locations in Austin. Like Plano, Austin has a low unemployment rate and attracts young professionals and recent college grads. Traffic and affordability are two issues the city faces, but the booming tech sector there has contributed to Austin’s growth.

Dallas (#49) & Fort Worth (#87)

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex attributes much of its economic growth to the Manufacturing/Construction and Mining sectors. However, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality and financial activities also were huge sources of the DFW economic boom in recent years. One of Texas’s best companies to work for, Ryan, has its global headquarters in Dallas. Charles Schwab, another top finance-industry employer in Texas, has a campus located in Westlake (just north of the DFW area), and they are growing rapidly, with a new campus under construction. Hyatt, a perfect example of the bustling hospitality sector in Texas and an award-winning employer there, has several hotels in the area, including the Hyatt Regency DFW International Airport and the Grand Hyatt DFW.

San Antonio (#59)

Manufacturing, healthcare, educational services and finance make up the top-performing economic sectors in San Antonio. With more than 18,000 employees, USAA’s headquarters are also located in San Antonio — nicknamed Military City, USA.

Houston (#120)

The energy sector — and oil in particular — drives a huge portion of the Houston economy. The city is expecting to create 45,500 jobs in 2018, marking a healthy growth path. One of the Best Companies in Texas, Ryan, is the largest firm in the world dedicated exclusively to business taxes with a location in Houston.

The remaining 10 Texas cities that also made the list are as follows:

#23 – Irving

#38 – Grand Prairie

#39 – Amarillo

#48 – Garland

#79 – Lubbock

#83 – Arlington

#107 – El Paso

#139 – Corpus Christi

#146 – Laredo

#171 – Brownsville

Learn more about the best employers in Texas and consider making a move to one of the top places to work!

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