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Texas is rapidly becoming one of the country’s leading destinations for tech-savvy IT experts. Finding excellent tech companies in Texas has never been easier, yet some professionals are facing so many options they’re not sure how to decide who to work for. By identifying the top tech companies to watch across Texas, you can narrow down the list of jobs you should pursue.

Ready to start working for software companies in Texas? Here’s a list of the top tech companies to watch in the Lone Star State, and why these businesses are so full of potential.

Tech Companies in Texas To Watch

If you’re ready for a career shift to IT, look no further than these top tech companies in Texas.

Work At Freedom Financial

The employees of Freedom Financial find their roles extremely rewarding. At Freedom Financial, employees transform people’s financial lives and help them find financial freedom. This tech company is full of opportunities for those who want to make a difference at work every day.

Freedom Financial’s Awards and Accomplishments

Since 2002, Freedom Financial has been voted one of the best places to work 16 times. With only being in business for 18 years, that award alone shows the dedication Freedom Financial has to ensuring great company culture.

Tech Opportunities at Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial is hiring for many software engineer positions in Texas. Join this growing tech company and enjoy working for a business that supports individual success through employee resources. Freedom Financial is committed to providing work that makes an impact.

Find your dream job using Freedom Financial’s career portal.

Cloudflare in Austin

Cloudflare is easily one of the most interesting and successful tech companies in Texas. By providing the critical internet infrastructure that allows the modern internet to function smoothly, Cloudflare is making quite the name for itself as a leading tech star to watch going forward. This is partially a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which fueled a wave of digitization across the country that businesses such as Cloudflare were perfectly situated to benefit from.

Cloudflare’s Awards and Accomplishments

According to a report from CNBC, Cloudflare’s recent performance puts it in the same league as the likes of Zoom throughout the pandemic. Stocks soared up by nearly 400% in under a year as content distribution networks became more important to the modern economy than ever before. IT professionals interested in cloud technology will find that Cloudflare is leading the list of the most interesting IT companies in Texas.

Tech Opportunities at Cloudflare

The company already boasts of winning “World Changing Ideas” awards, amidst others. Cloudflare currently has more than 200 jobs open in the Austin area alone, ensuring project managers, UX designers, and software developers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.

Check out Cloudflare’s website for current job openings.

Texas Instruments in Dallas

The experts at Texas Instruments have been bolstering the reputation of tech companies in Texas for many years now. By focusing on the development of integrated circuits to make electronics more affordable, Texas Instruments has become something of a household name across much of the United States. After all, many of the IT gurus who grew up using calculators and other classroom electronics may recall that it was TI’s logo inscribed upon many such devices.

Texas Instruments’ Awards and Accomplishments

According to a review of the company made available by Fortune, TI provides daycare services to employees, which could be attractive to IT professionals who are starting families. Given that the company has been innovating since the 1930s, it also regularly makes the grade in headlines as a leading source of technological change in the United States.

Tech Opportunities at Texas Instruments

For those who want to identify the tech companies in Texas that are reshaping the industry, Texas Instruments should be a top contender. With new lines of calculators and other devices regularly being churned out, this company will be in sore need of IT talent for years to come.

Start your search with openings at Texas Instruments.

Join The Big Leagues With AT&T

AT&T isn’t just one of the biggest and most famous of all the tech companies in Texas but is also a global leader in information technology. Headquartered in Dallas, it remains the world’s premier telecommunications company and is at the cutting edge of the contemporary tech industry. IT professionals of any background can likely find work within the company’s ranks, and there’s always room to grow at such a mammoth institution with so many roles to be filled.

AT&T’s Awards and Accomplishments

In 2021, AT&T won the J.D. Power for Business Wireline Satisfaction Award for Large Enterprises and Medium Businesses. AT&T ranked the highest in six categories: performance and reliability, communications, sales representatives and account executives, cost of service, billing, and customer service.

Tech Opportunities at AT&T

In addition to securing a gig at one of the best IT companies in Texas, working at AT&T will also provide you with an employee discount on their widely utilized services. In addition to competitive salaries and benefits packages, AT&T can likely offer younger IT professionals with more training and learning opportunities than smaller companies. Corporations of such stature often invest in the constant improvement of their workforce, making AT&T an excellent choice for recent graduates and seniors.

Look into opportunities at AT&T on their careers page.

Find Your Future At Dell

Computer experts in Texas are likely already familiar with Dell, one of the world’s leading computer technology companies. With nearly 150,000 employees, Dell is the next serious contender on the list of tech companies in Texas that are perfect for IT experts seeking to join large organizations with prosperous futures.

Dell’s Awards and Accomplishments

According to a 2019 National Employment Engagement Study, workers at Dell were far more likely to say that it’s a great place to work compared to most U.S. employers.

Tech Opportunities at Dell

Dell can provide the training and opportunities which are usually only available at a massive corporation. The work schedules appear flexible and the office culture is increasingly welcoming to younger professionals with new ideas.

Explore the open positions using Dell’s career portal.

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