How To Stay Positive During A Job Search

How To Stay Positive During A Job Search

Whether you’re currently employed and applying for new positions in your downtime or you’ve been without a job for some time, the job hunt can be a tough slog. Searching for a new role can be frustrating and can invite negativity into your life, especially if rejections or other hindrances like debt or finances accumulate. Wondering how to stay positive during a job search? Read on for some advice to keep you moving along.

How To Stay Positive During A Job Search

Seek Support

When you’re feeling down on the job hunt, reach out to a trusted friend or family member. Your loved ones certainly want you to succeed, so chances are they’ll be able to provide reassurance, support and motivation. Ask them for advice about how they beat slumps, and ask them for job search-specific help. Have a buddy look over your resume/CV before you send it off, or even conduct a mock interview with you. Getting a second opinion can be extremely useful, and receiving constructive criticism is only going to help you improve and give you a better shot at landing a job. Your friends want to see you succeed, so checking in with them for help and reassurance during your job search will be motivating and beneficial.

Self Care

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by negativity if you’re neglecting physical and emotional needs while adamantly searching for a job. Staring into the blue light on your computer for an extended period of time can be incredibly draining and damaging. Rotating between interviews, emails and phone calls is just plain exhausting. The next time you’re feeling down and are wondering how to stay positive during a job search, run through this checklist: Have I eaten enough, and have I eaten healthy food? Am I hydrated? Am I sleeping enough? If you’re taking care of yourself, mind and body, you’re more likely to stay positive during your search.

Be Realistic

A huge source of negativity during your job search is likely due to rejections or lack of responses. To help curb this disappointment, look into opportunities at companies who have been recognized for a stellar candidate experience. When feeling frustrated by these things, give yourself a little reminder to stay grounded and realistic. Not every job you apply to will contact you, and not every job you interview for will make an offer. Rejection is a normal part of life, especially in terms of searching for a job. Remember that some rejection is normal and bound to happen, and that it’s not a reason to get stuck in a rut.

Change of Pace

To help you stay motivated and on top of your game, try to occasionally switch up the physical space in which you are searching for a job. Maybe work from home on some days, and on others take your laptop to a coffee shop, cafe, or library — even a friend’s house. Only you know what kind of environment you work best in. But giving yourself a refreshing change of location every so often can help you reset and keep your priorities in check.

Volunteer and Escape

To ditch any efforts to sit at home and pity yourself, shake it up! Go volunteer somewhere; it’ll likely energize you and remind you of the positives. As a bonus, volunteering presents an opportunity to network — something that certainly can’t hurt while job hunting. Additionally, volunteer work looks great on your resume and shows that you enjoy finding productive uses of your time outside of the office. Lastly, making a positive impact and contribution is an excellent way to lift your spirits.

Best of luck on the job hunt — we hope our tips help you to stay positive. And, some of the Best Companies in Texas just might be hiring — so take a look!

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