Stand Out Skills To Include on Your Resume 

skills to include on your resume

We’ve all had that moment. The moment where you come to the skills section of your resume and pause, wondering exactly what skills are most valuable to your employer. Perhaps you’ve been told to include language skills. Or, you may have heard that it’s a great idea to list the Microsoft Office Suite as a skill at the bottom of your resume. It can be difficult to know what skills to include to make your resume stand out in the job pool.

Rest assured there is a tried-and-true method for listing relevant, unique skills on your resume. By looking to the job description for guidance and listing stand out skills, this section on your resume is sure to draw attention.

Look to The Job Description For Guidance

If you’re not sure what skills matter to your employer, read through the job description. Reading through what the company has written about what they’re looking for is a great way to find out what skills are most important to them.

If a company says they’re looking for a technologically savvy self starter, list any technology related skills you have. Whether it’s experience with a particular software, or the ability to build a computer from scratch, list something that highlights your comfort with working with technology.

Using the exact keywords the job description uses is another way to harness insights from the job description. In many cases, your resume may be reviewed by a computer before it ever gets in front of a hiring manager. Resume screening software often recommends resumes that have similar keywords to those listed in the job description. Taking a skill directly from the job description is a great way to get the computer software to notice your resume, and pass it long to the hiring decision makers.

List Unique, Stand Out Skills

In addition to highlighting how your skills align with the job description, it’s important to list a few skills that are unique to you. Interviewers often look through resumes in large volumes and you don’t want your resume to blend in with everyone else’s. That’s where listing stand out skills comes in.

Ask yourself, what’s unique about my skill set? What might the interviewer be surprised by about my professional background? What language or communication skills do I have?

The skills section of your resume should include both hard and soft skills. Here’s a look at some stand out skills to include on your resume:

Data Analysis

This highlights your ability to draw conclusions from data and large amounts of information. If you list this on your resume, be prepared       to share an example of how you’ve analyzed data.

Computer Languages

List any computer languages you are familiar with. In some cases, it’s worth it to list computer languages that you have a basic understanding of, such as HTML. Companies love to see that you have the ability to learn new ways of thinking and communicating.

Planning / Event Planning

Event planning is an extremely valuable skill to employers. Even if the job itself doesn’t require you to plan events, highlighting this skill communicates that you are organized and detail oriented.

Foreign Languages

In an increasingly global workforce, language proficiency is a valuable asset to any company. If you’re fluent or proficient in any foreign languages, highlight this in the skills section of your resume. Then, be prepared to say a few things in that language during the interview if you are asked to.

Analytical Thinking and Research

Employers want someone who’s able to think critically and find answers through research. When listing this on your resume, think about an example of how you’ve used research and analytical thinking to achieve a goal. Be prepared to share this example with your interviewer.

If you list some of these stand out skills on your resume and match your skills to the position’s job description, you’re sure to catch a recruiter’s eye.

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