New Job? The Complete Moving to Texas Checklist

moving to texas

So, you’ve decided to make the move to Texas? Congratulations! The Lone Star state has a booming economy and job market and is rich with culture. Before you are able to experience all of the great things that Texas has to offer, you have to get there! We’ve prepared the ultimate moving to Texas checklist for your big move across state lines.

No matter if you’ve landed your dream job or are just starting your job search in Texas, we have a few tips to move seamlessly and get you settled in your new home.

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The Complete Moving to Texas Checklist:

Get Rid of Any Old Items

Moving to a new home and environment is the perfect time to downsize. Most people tend to store items away that they hope to use at some point. Hopefully, this checklist task brings all of those unused items to light and into a donation bin. At this time, you should sort through all of the things that you can realistically keep. Keep in mind that Texas’ climate may not be the same as your current climate. Getting rid of old items will ease the packing process and minimize the load of items that need to be transported.

Notify Boss

Ideally, this tip should be done as early as possible. Don’t leave your boss high and dry! Communicate with your boss once you’ve made the decision to move to Texas, your intent to leave the company. During the exit process, you may be asked to participate in an exit survey or train your replacement. On the flipside, if you have secured a job in Texas, notify your new boss of your travel schedule. This way they know when the best time is to contact you if need be.

Secure Important Files

The last thing that you need while moving is to realize that you’ve forgotten or lost an important file. Don’t spend hours – or worse, days – rummaging through boxes to find your papers. The most obvious files that you should secure before moving include medical records, school files, moving documents and personal information like birth certificates and social security cards. These items should be put away in a lockbox that you transport, not the movers. In addition, secure your professional portfolio, resume and any letters of recommendation in an easily accessible area. Even better, store your professional documents on a USB drive or internet storage space like DropBox to easily access later.

Scope Out The Area

Upon moving to your new home state, take time to scope out the area. Don’t be a stranger to your own town! As soon as you arrive to find the nearest grocery stores, hospitals, and police stations in your immediate area. This knowledge will come in handy when you need access to these services in a pinch. In addition, scope out the local cultural scene. Texas’ southern culture is influenced by modern technology making it a unique experience, and it’s all outside your front door!

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Moving, especially across state lines, is an adventure in itself. It’s an undertaking that only happen every few years. Don’t stress about the move – revel in the newness and excitement. Take our tips and make your move to Texas a once in a lifetime experience. Happy moving!

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