My Schwab Story: Ange Kobe

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, meet Texas-based Schwabbie Ange Kobe.

Schwabbie Ange Kobe is a newlywed. She married Army E4 Cargo Specialist Cheick Amani Zeba in December of 2018, officially cementing her status as a military spouse. 

In May, we honor the service and sacrifices of our country’s military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day. It’s an opportunity to recognize our military’s silent heroes and is celebrated the Friday before Mother’s Day each year. Ange says she’s proud of the role she can serve for the United States. 

Ange’s experience

“It is an honor to be a military spouse and be by my husband’s side every day in service to the United States,” says Ange. “Being a military spouse is all about serving others, whether that’s trying to help another military spouse find employment, connecting people or letting another military family stay at your house so they can search for their own home. Being a spouse is an important role in our country’s military.” 

Ange is originally from the Ivory Coast, or Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa and has lived in the United States for about seven years. She moved to Dallas to attend college, graduating from Southern Methodist University where she studied Statistics and Economics. Ange found Schwab at a career fair in Killeen, Texas a year and a half ago and now works in Compliance on retirement plans. Ange says she feels like she’s found her work home at Schwab

“My time at Schwab has been amazing,” says Ange. “I really enjoy working with such an amazing and inspiring group of people always ready to work hard and make a difference. I have also found a great community with Schwab’s Military Veterans Network. I’ve appreciated the opportunities to do volunteer work with the group.

Ange’s husband is based at Fort Hood, Texas, which means Ange drives about an hour each way to her job at Schwab’s new Gracy Farms campus in Austin. But Ange says getting to work for a company like Schwab is worth the commute. 

“I like the teamwork-based environment at Schwab,” remarks Ange. “The company culture is great, the people are friendly. It is just a good place to be.” 

Next Steps?

Ready to start your Schwab story? Learn more about Schwab life and current openings here.

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