#BeTheChange – We Are More Than Just Words

By Luz Beam, Administrative Support Associate at Charles Schwab.

Being part of and caring for my community has never been extracurricular for me.  It was the norm in my family.  My parents fostered a helping hand environment and my siblings and I were involved in not only organized goodwill events, but also in random and frequent acts of impromptu community service. I’m inspired by the lessons taught to me by my parents and their devotion to the community in which they lived.  They taught me to instill happiness in others and to pass on what you can, be it a dollar, a donation, a helping hand or even just a smile.  My inspiration stems from passing on those lessons to my children as my parents did to me so that we can continue the cycle of helping those in need.  I was taught to be the change I wanted to see in the world.  Partnering with Schwab to help our community see that change is why I am a proud Schwabbie.

Prior to coming to Schwab, I felt something missing at my previous places of employment. Because community involvement was so important to me, I wanted to feel that connection with my day to day work and my personal passions.  As I introduced community service to these work places, it always seemed like a foreign concept.  While co-workers and businesses were eager to get involved, there was no action.  I found that many businesses liked the idea of their name being promoted but left planning and details to one lone person to figure out.  Ideas were sparse and I’d plan events after work in between dinner and homework.  I was always happy to do it but I never realized how much working in a supportive environment with like-minded people would change how much one can impact their community.

Schwab allots eight hours of paid work time per year for volunteering or community service.  But that’s just the beginning!  There is always something in the works and on the schedule at Schwab.  We schedule time to organize and plan events.  We brainstorm on how to make our community better.  We talk to non-profit organizations and find how we can help.  We identify events around the city and insert Schwab volunteers as needed.  Best of all, we reach out to our employees to find out what their passions are.  We align people with what they love and let them bring some of that into the work place.  We get a place to share what’s near and dear to our hearts and the fact that a company can identify how important that is to me, makes me realize how much I’m appreciated.

When one can align what they are most passionate about with a job they love, find work/life balance and have a corporation behind you every step of the way, this is without a doubt the place where I belong.  I’ve just completed 14 years and in the time I’ve been with Schwab, I find that when talking about volunteering efforts, I always note that I am no longer alone on this journey to make my community a better place.  What I found at Schwab is a “we” mentality and an organization that truly cares about the communities in which it resides.  We are more than words, we are action!


To learn more about #SchwabLife, click here.


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