July Webinar Recap – Improving Internal Communication

improving internal communication

Our July webinar focused on improving internal communication in the workplace by utilizing data and insights from employee surveys. To kick off our July webinar, live polling uncovered that 100% of webinar attendees have administered a personality inventory. These personality assessments include the DISC, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder 2.0, and Emergenetics tests.

BestCompaniesUSA VP Lindsay Smith spoke about how trust impacts our ability to accomplish goals. Smith explained that establishing trust positively impacts top line revenue and staff retention. She also shared hacks for accepting new perspectives in the workplace. The tips included reducing judgement, taking responsibility for your actions, and practicing empathetic listening.

Next, Smith polled the attendees and found that 82% of them had facilitated an employee engagement survey in the last 12 months. There are many free and paid insightful survey options employees can participate in. Lindsay recommends that businesses collect employee survey data as often as possible.

Dr. Deborah Peck, of Seity Insight, followed Lindsay’s comments and discussed the turnover rate of successful companies. Most great employers have a turnover rate of no more than 50%. Additionally, Dr. Peck shared that the best companies have stock market returns that are twice as high as companies not ranked as best companies. To further highlight this, she spoke about the Top Companies to Work for in Texas awards. According to Dr. Peck, 8 core focus areas influence how winners are selected.

How to compare survey results

Before the start of the webinar, Dr. Peck looked over the questions on the Top Companies survey. She found that 14 questions out of the 90 questions survey related to internal communication. She shared the questions and provided sample answers for award-winning companies.

Dr. Peck also underlined the value that comes from companies comparing their survey averages to the averages of award-winning companies. The data from award-winning companies allows organizations to make specific changes that improve engagement and open lines of communication.

How to become an award-winning organization

Furthermore, Deb shared stories and examples on how she’s helped her clients become award-winning companies, including changes in top down communication, setting clear goals, breaking cross-functional silos, and much more. Deb said that she is a big fan of persistence and believes that detailed employee survey data is key to improving internal communication. Her greatest piece of advice to employers was to involve employees as much as possible.

Finally, Michael Seaver shared examples from BestCompaniesUSA’s “5 Ways to Develop a High Trust Workplace Culture.” He went on to discuss tactical actions you can take to strengthen internal employee communication.

Now what?

Maybe you’re like our webinar attendees. They said they were inspired to find new ways to open lines of communication with their team. Check out the full webinar on our website or listen to it on our podcast. Then, reach out to BestCompaniesTexas. We help companies win awards and create incredible employer brands, and we can help you too! Contact us today!

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