Job Growth Joins List of Everything That’s Bigger in Texas

texas job growth

Everything is bigger in Texas – and we’re not just talking about the cowboy hats and backyard barbeques! Job growth in Texas has been sneaking up on the list of big things in Texas in recent years, and we want to share this big news with you.

Why Texas?

First, let’s talk about the overall job market growth in Texas. In recent years, as early as 2010, Texas job growth has seen exponential growth month after month. In August 2018, the San Antonio Express-News reported that Texas had experienced 25 straight months of job growth. And, in that year, Texan employers added more than 350,000.

Comparatively, unemployment in Texas has steadily decreased as the job market grew. In a report published by the Texas Workforce Commission, the unemployment rate in Texas fell nearly over a point over the year of 2017. At that time, the unemployment rate was recorded to have fallen to a record low of 3.9 percent. Most recently, The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded Texas’ unemployment rate at 3.7 percent in December of 2018 – the lowest rate since 1976 when officials began collecting statewide unemployment data. In comparison, the recorded national unemployment rate was 3.9% at the same time.

We have the influx of businesses and a little Southern charm to thank for the ongoing job growth in Texas and, consequently, the decreasing unemployment rate. Read on to find out how you can take advantage of Texas’ growing economy.

What Does Texas Job Growth Mean For You?

The ongoing job growth means great things for job seekers, and those looking to transition careers. In addition to more opportunities for career migration and a growing economy, employers may have to offer higher pay to attract and retain workers. In fact, those in the Lone Star State enjoy one of the fastest personal income growth in the United States.

Why Texas, you might ask yourself. Large corporations have recognized the great potential for growth within Texas. In December 2018, professional and business services were ranked first for the number of jobs added to Texas’ market with its major metropolitan areas receiving the most growth. Austin’s “Silicon Hills” is the mecca of technology; whereas, Dallas provides an interesting mix of city life, Southern culture, and diverse work opportunities. A few examples of the large corporations that are establishing themselves in Texas and creating an immense number of jobs are Microsoft, Charles Schwab, and Facebook.

Your dream job is within reach! Don’t hesitate – the opportunities for employment in Texas are plentiful. The ever-growing job market and record-low unemployment rates possibilities are endless!

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