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Top 5 Job Fairs in Dallas

As of September 2019, Dallas saw 3.1 percent in annual job growth, which is higher than the national average. In fact, Dallas was ranked first out of 12 metropolitan areas for the rate of its annual job growth.

The Dallas job market is bustling with various industries. Some of the top industries in Dallas include health care, food services, as well as real estate. Additionally, in 2019, Dallas was home to 24 Fortune 500 companies, such as Exxon Mobil and AT&T.

All in all, thanks to the growing job market across the state, more job seekers are reaping the benefits of moving to Texas to explore a new career path.

One great way to learn more about potential careers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is to attend one of the many job fairs held throughout the year.

To help you get started towards your next great career, consider the following job fairs in Dallas to meet a variety of employers face to face.

Top Job Fairs in Dallas

Choice’s Dallas Job Fair

When: Monthly

What: At Choice Career Fairs Dallas event, job seekers can meet face-to-face with a variety of hiring managers from the top companies in the Dallas area. Additionally, the event has free admission!

Candidates can walk into this event and begin interviewing right away. Thus, this career fair saves you time and money by allowing you to interview with multiple companies in one day and form new, meaningful connections.

Event Website:

National Career Fairs’ Dallas Job Fair

When: Every other month, starting in February

What: If you’re on the hunt for a new job, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of not hearing back after sending in your job application. At National Career Fairs’ Dallas job fair, you can meet with employers directly and receive concrete feedback right away.

In addition, National Career Fairs helps employers who are looking for talented candidates to hire. By and large, for both employers and job seekers, job fairs in Dallas are a great way to get connected with other young professionals ready to get started in the workforce.

Event Website:

Best Hire’s Dallas Career Fair

When: Throughout the year, Annually

What: The hiring process, especially when hiring candidates with the right fit, often takes time. On average, the hiring process time is around 24 days in the United States.

Thus, many candidates and employers need a quick but still high-quality solution to employment needs. Luckily, the team at Best Hire understands this and provides a large number of job fairs throughout the year for those living in Dallas.

At these job fairs, employers can find the right candidate fast by interviewing multiple job seekers at once, as well as pre-screen talent for quality assurance.

Event Website:

CareerDFW’s Job Fair

When: Monthly

What: Finding the right career event for your industry can be challenging at times. Thankfully, CareerDFW has a comprehensive list of job fairs in Dallas that support job seekers interested in various career paths.

For example, CareerDFW has several events for veterans and their spouses who are searching for careers where they can utilize their unique background. In addition, CareerDFW also lists events for women in the workforce with useful workshops on career obstacles, for example.

Event Website:

Looking for resources for veterans transitioning into the civilian workforce? Check out Best Companies Texas for a multitude of resources and information guides.

United Career Fairs’ Dallas Fair

When: September and November, Yearly

What: United Career Fairs holds events that are dedicated to finding the best Sales and Management candidates in the Dallas area.

At these free job fairs in Dallas, candidates experience an intimate setting when meeting with hiring managers. Additionally, each of the employers at United Career Fairs’ events starts the evening off with a short presentation to share their company’s current opportunities.

Event Website:

Are you excited about finding an amazing career at one of those job fairs in Dallas? Get ahead on the job search and check out jobs with the best employers in Dallas, Texas.