What is one way to work more efficiently for an enjoyable work day?

What is one way to work more efficiently for an enjoyable work day

What is one way to work more efficiently for an enjoyable work day?

Here is what 9 thought-leaders had to say:

  • Set Timers
  • Focus On One Task at a Time
  • Make Your Workspace as Orderly as Your Work
  • Using the Pomodoro Method to Avoid Procrastinating
  • Schedule a Time to Check Emails
  • Improve the Office Environment
  • Make Fridays Fun
  • Use the 2-Minute Rule
  • Block the Beginning of the Day for Harder Tasks


Set Timers

Set timers to dedicate specific times to specific projects. This makes the day go a lot quicker, and you are able to get everything done within the correct amount of time. You also do not get as overwhelmed on certain projects since you have the dedicated time before moving to something else. It breaks up the day.

Derin Oyekan, Reel Paper

Focus On One Task at a Time

The habit of multitasking is detrimental to productivity, and it often contributes to high-stress levels. Focus on each task by ensuring it is the most impactful activity to be executed at each given moment. To guarantee efficiency, prioritize tasks according to the earliest deadline, time availability to dedicate to it and your energy level.

Rebeca Sena, GetSpace.digital

Make Your Workspace as Orderly as Your Work

When I founded Titoma, I sometimes felt that I was not getting as much accomplished as I could have been. After sitting down to look at changes I could make, I noticed the chaotic state of my workspace. Much of my work is about creating order out of chaos, but my desk was a mess. After that evening I made it a priority to keep everything in my office orderly. I haven’t wasted a second searching for a misplaced item since then. This has vastly increased my efficiency and made work much more enjoyable. 

Keesjan (Case) Engelen, Titoma

Using the Pomodoro Method to Avoid Procrastinating

I manage a small online business and have been using the Pomodoro method for a year now. It’s helped me build a better routine and kept me much more focused on my tasks for the day, reducing my procrastination.  I set 20 to 50-minute work intervals, in which I have small tasks that I’m set to complete in that time, followed by a short period of rest.

Now, before every week, I have two to three larger projects I’d like to accomplish, and then I break these out by smaller subtasks for each day that I’m able to complete in each Pomodoro work interval. This helps me to get started, and, because each day is built off of the day before, it forces me to actually accomplish what I’ve set out to do for the day. I no longer have super long to-do lists that I keep procrastinating on.

Kristine Thorndyke, Test Prep Nerds

Schedule a Time to Check Emails

A minor change that I made a few years ago that has greatly increased my efficiency is only checking my email first thing in the morning. I reply to everyone and don’t touch it again until the next day. I was wasting an immeasurable amount of time going back and forth from various tasks to my phone throughout the day, then taking even more time to get back into a rhythm on the task. Email is designed to be engaged at our convenience and should be used that way. Anything that requires my immediate attention will warrant a phone call. Not only did this change save time, but it made my days much more enjoyable by reducing the stress of worrying about reply times.

Ralph Severson, Flooring Masters

Improve the Office Environment

Improving your environment will help you work more effectively for an enjoyable workday. Usually, a comfortable and breathable work surrounding has always been significant for enhanced productivity.

The % of permanent work from home employees is relatively increasing since 2021; it’s up to employers to ennoble his aspect of work effectiveness. It would be best if you ensure the availability of ergonomic seating, monitors, and other gadgets.

Moreover, look at your surroundings. If the desk is cluttered, declutter it immediately if you want to boost your work efficiency. Enhancing work effectiveness needs an office set up, which permits it. If you are unsure about making your office space more conducive to your daily work, consult with an official consultant for a piece of better advice.

Eden Cheng, PeopleFinderFree

Make Fridays Fun

Set time aside on Fridays to truly enjoy yourself. Have a BYOB with coworkers to end the day right. This will give you something to look forward to during the day and help double down on the work. It helps make you work efficiently and quickly in order to enjoy the rest of the day.

Kiran Gollakota

Use the 2-Minuet Rule

To work more efficiently for an enjoyable work day, use the 2-minute rule.
The “2-Minute Rule” is easy enough, yet it’s a strategy for maintaining a productivity system.

The 2-minute rule, which is often perceived as immediately completing any activity that should take 2 minutes or less, can kill employee productivity if taken at face value and not carefully implemented.

To make the 2-minute rule work, you need set aside time to organize your daily to-do list. While compiling this list, you should notice that there are a few simple activities that appear to be achievable in a matter of minutes. Carry them out!

Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

Block the Beginning of the Day for Harder Tasks

If you save the more challenging aspects of your job for later, it worsens the urge to procrastinate. When you do the easier things first, you tend to take your time with them and end up with little time left for the harder ones. By the time you’re done with your workday, you’ll likely end up too burned out from the last thing you did, affecting your ability to actually enjoy your downtime. Getting the harder tasks out of the way early gives you a progressively easier day. By the time you are done with your tasks, you will be more relaxed since the last thing you did is the easiest to do in your bucket.

Cameron Miller, Cameron Miller Real Estate

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