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H-E-B Careers Profile

646 S. Flores Street
San Antonio, Texas 78204
(210) 938-8000
Employees: 10000+ employees
Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

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Based in San Antonio Texas, H-E-B is one of the largest, independently owned food retailers in the United States. H-E-B boasts more than 375 stores that operates in Texas and Mexico.  Our desire to constantly innovate and provide premier quality are evident in the outstanding customer service and creative concepts that are prominent at each H-E-B location. We offer a diverse and creative line of products and services that has sky-rocketed the H-E-B name from just a local grocery store to household favorite!

We pride ourselves on our commitment to the community. This commitment comes in many aspects within the company, varying from the locally-sourced produce we sell to our drive to provide the community with high quality products at low prices. At H-E-B, grocery shopping is more than an errand. The importance of taking care of people is held as the highest value amongst employees and executives alike.

We believe in dreaming big, hiring great people, and offering customers the safest, freshest products. A career with H-E-B is rewarding and never boring. Awarded the “Best Places To Work” by Glassdoor, our company culture makes H-E-B a great place to turn your passions into a career you love.

Our Values:

Service, Heart, Drive, Innovation, Commitment, and Community.

At H-E-B, grocery shopping is more than an errand. We believe that people matter. Thus, people are at the heart of every decision made and everything we do. A shared spirit drives us to work together to build a company that doesn’t just meet the customer’s needs, it exceeds them. We pledge to always go above and beyond.

H-E-B Company Perks

If you are looking for a career at a company that values serving others and integrity as highly as work ethic and drive, H-E-B could be the perfect fit! We are looking for excited applicants at our Houston, Dallas, and Austin locations! Candidates that are interested in management positions or positions as a sales representative, manufacturing technician, pharmacy technician, or warehouse team leader are encouraged to apply!

We believe that H-E-B is the best place to work in the state of Texas. But, don’t just take our word for it:

  • Ranked America’s Third Favorite Grocery Store
  • Listed on Forbes’ list of America’s Best Employers 2017
  • Named One of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work from 2014-2018

When you call H-E-B home, you’ll experience perks like these:

  • Legendary H-E-B culture
  • Holiday pay for full-time employees
  • An excellent benefits package, including a dollar-for-dollar match in the 401(k) plan and excellent health care packages
  • Opportunity to own H-E-B stock

If you would like to build you career at H-E-B, please apply today at careers.heb.com/

H-E-B Company Culture

Our employees experience our legendary culture first-hand. Our culture is driven by our belief that people matter. Service and heart are the highest priorities at H-E-B. More so, our drive to exceed expectations through innovation sets us forward against competitors. Finally, at H-E-B, you don’t need permission to act with integrity. Our values set the foundation of that unmatched culture that H-E-B is known for.

The communities surrounding our brick-and-mortar locations are as equally important as the people living in them. The H-E-B culture would not be where it is now without the outreach efforts of our employees and their families. Commitment to disaster relief, hunger relief, education, and military services are just a few of the ways H-E-B works to give back to the community.

More so, we are proud to be an extremely diverse and inclusive workplace. We understand that what makes us different makes us stronger. That’s why our people are as diverse as our brands and as unique as each store we build. Our company’s success can be widely attributed to our diverse workforce.


Part-time and full-time employees enjoy a flexible schedule. After a specific number of hours, full time employees are available to use paid time off and request vacation days. Employees in certain departments may benefit from alternative work schedules. Expecting mothers can breath easy, as maternity leave is available to all employees.

Full-time employees receive vacation days after 1 full year of employment. Full-time employees receive time-and-a-half holiday pay on Easter and Christmas.

Insurance Benefits
Full-time employees receive excellent dental, health care, and vision insurance packages.

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