Find Your Dream Job with These Job Hunting Tips

job hunting tips

Workers will spend on average one-third of their lives working. With this fact in mind, they are seeking jobs and companies that meet their idea of a dream job. However, often times qualified applicants do not end up receiving the job offer because of job hunting faux pas. Landing your dream job will take work to stand apart from the hundreds, if not thousands, of other applicants. Take note of these job hunting tips to find your dream job.

Tailor Your Resume To The Position

A commonly neglected job hunting tip is that you should tailor your resume for each position that you apply to. Now that many employers accept applications online, it can be easy to apply to several jobs with the same resume. Job seekers should avoid this small shortcut, as it may mean big letdowns later down the road.

These days, very few applications are actually viewed by a hiring manager or recruiter. This is because more companies are using software that scans a resume for keywords and phrases. If the resume doesn’t contain the employers specified keywords, your resume likely will not be viewed by a person. If a recruiter does look at your resume, on average they will spend about six seconds viewing your resume. To increase your odds of a person looking at your resume, include keywords from the job description, highlight your best qualifications, and keep it to one page. Good resumes are the easiest way to get your profile in front of a recruiter.

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Use Your Network

When it comes to job searching it really is about who you know. Having an established and diverse professional network when you begin your job search is vital. In fact, according to LinkedIn, 85% of critical jobs are filled through networking. If that doesn’t make you nervous, 80% of jobs are never posted because they are filled through networking. The fact is most hiring managers may see more value in a known and trusted colleague who is able to vouch for you, than just your application.

Your network will play a vital role in your job search; however, if you haven’t kept up with your network that doesn’t mean your job search has failed. Set quotas each day to reconnect with old contacts and grow your network. Request informational interviews, inquire about potential positions and ask if they know people within an industry or company that you should know or speak to. Your network is your greatest asset when it comes to searching for a job – use it!

Clean Up Your Online Presence

Your digital footprint is one that will follow you around for a long time, and will likely be viewed by potential employers. You may have cleaned up your professional persona on LinkedIn, but are your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram up to par? According to a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 70%of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. This doesn’t mean your online activity to should come to a screeching halt.

While your resume is an important document in the hiring process, your online presence is just as important. Your social media is an extension of your resume and shows a hiring manager everything that your resume can not. Include information that supports your qualifications for the job, and other details highlighted on your application and resume. On the flip side, delete any inappropriate messages, videos, or photographs.

Competition is fierce on the job market, but finding your dream job should not be a struggle. Avoid these job hunting faux pas and use these job hunting tips to find your dream job.

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