Father-Daughter Bond Transcends the Office at Schwab

There’s something to be said about the father-daughter bond. But there’s something else to be said for the father-daughter bond that transcends the office.

“I’m blown away every day that I get to work at Charles Schwab,” says Rachel Emery from Investor Services’ Sales and Field Enablement team. “And anytime I want, I can walk down the hall and see my dad.”

“She’s a good daughter,” says Vijay Amarnath with a smile. “Rachel will always stop by to say hello, or ask if I want to grab breakfast or lunch together.”

Vijay, his wife, and his two daughters emigrated to the U.S. from India in 1996 with no more than $200 to their name. They eventually settled in Texas. The Amarnath family worked hard, the girls did well in school and Vijay found work as an engineer for a high tech firm until he was laid off after September 11. That’s when Vijay decided to change careers.  He worked in his church as a janitor while he looked for other work and eventually decided to move to the Dallas/Fort Worth area where his daughters were both employed, with Rachel working at a financial services competitor. Eventually, Vijay joined her there, but they both knew they wanted to work for a company that focused more on the client. Vijay made the first move taking a job at Schwab’s new Westlake campus.

“Schwab is the world’s best company,” says Vijay. “People mean what they say. The attitude isn’t trickling down. It’s flowing down. It’s a cascade from the top leadership down to the employees.”

“I wanted to work somewhere with integrity and good people,” remarks Rachel. “I found Schwab and I couldn’t believe how amazing the culture is.”

Vijay now works in Advisor Services and holds his Series 7, 9 and 63 licenses. He says Schwab is committed to his career and honors the breadth of experience he brings to the table.

“I like to say I’m 21 years old with 40 years of experience,” Vijay says with a laugh. “But in all seriousness, I want people to know that there’s something very special here. It’s called unity. For that reason, I am so proud to be a Schwabbie.”

Rachel agrees. “It’s the commitment to the client that drives all. I always have seen that as more of a sentiment, but when I got here, I realized that our through clients’ eyes, strategy is a living, breathing core value. It’s a value that’s enforced by our own employees. Plus, I got to have a breakfast taco with my Dad today.”


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