A Look At Engaging the Modern Workforce Through Awards

Engaging the Modern Workforce

For our June webinar, speakers Michael S. Seaver and Lindsay M. Smith shared how to engage the modern workforce through awards. Among the topics were employee engagement, celebrating rewards, building communication and the influence of awards on employees. The webinar gave attendees valuable insights into how they can encourage employee engagement through organizational awards.

How winning awards influences retention and engagement

First, a live poll was used to learn about the webinar attendees’ biggest employee engagement obstacles. The greatest challenges faced were employee retention and implementing positive communication practices. Though may come as a surprise, a Gallup study found that only 33% of the American workforce is actively engaged.

Michael analyzed this statistic through the use of Gallup’s 12 Elements of Great Managing. Next, Michael used these elements to show how winning corporate awards help to recognize and connect employees to your organization. Furthermore, recognizing employees results in a higher quality of work.

In addition, Michael reviewed AZCentral’s Top Companies to Work for in Texas from June. He shared about the key tactics that the 125 winning organizations used to encourage engagement. Michael also presented examples from BestCompaniesUSA’s “5 Ways to Develop a High Trust Workplace Culture,” which covers the actions you can take to strengthen employee communication.

How you can celebrate employees through awards

Next, Lindsay shared the key actions you can take to build momentum and develop areas of opportunity. She went on to discuss how organizations can strengthen their workforce through awards. Lindsay referenced key clients such as Charles Schwab and Habitat for Humanity about unique ways to celebrate winning an award regardless of your organization’s budget.

Lindsay is a big fan of how organizations leverage their survey data to create strategic plans, cross-functional implementation teams, and continual metrics tracking. She reminded us that we should be focusing on evolving and growing rather than focusing on the actual number of our ranking.

After the webinar, attendees said that winning awards increased employee pride in their employer, made employees feel unique, and strengthened camaraderie. Even more, attendees said that winning awards validated employees’ confidence in their employer.

In conclusion, Michael highlighted how winning corporate awards makes employees feel a sense of pride, a personal validation for choosing an employer, and respect for their workplace.

So, maybe you’re like our webinar attendees? They said they were going to find new ways to recognize employees and encourage engagement. Please feel free to watch this webinar on our website or listen to it on our podcast.

Resources Used In This Webinar:

Retiring the Generation Gap by Jennifer Deal

Goldman Sachs’ review of millennials

Mass customization

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

Influence by Robert Cialdini


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