8 Team Communication Tips

8 Team Communication Tips

What is one way employees can more effectively communicate with their team?

To help you find new ways to effectively communicate with your team, we asked communication experts and business leaders this question for their best tips. From talking face-to-face to establishing set response times, there are several ways you can more effectively communicate with your team.

Here are eight ways employees can more effectively communicate with their team:

  • Acquaint Yourself with Your Team
  • Talk One-On-One
  • Diversify Your Channels of Communication
  • Focus on Common Goals
  • Create an Open-Door Policy
  • Utilize Weekly Meetings
  • Celebrate Employee Successes
  • Establish Set Response Times

Acquaint Yourself with Your Team

The best way to communicate with your team is to understand the people you are working with. Take time to get to know them and learn about who they are! Communicating with strangers is difficult, but if you take the time to get to know your teammates and figure out your communication style, things will become much easier. Once you start to get to know your teammates, you start to care about them, and communication will begin to flow back and forth effortlessly!

Kenna Hamm, Texas Adoption Center

Talk One-On-One

While it’s always easy to send a quick email, it’s less personal. In this remote environment it’s a good idea to encourage more personal connections with one-on-one phone or video calls. A quick 15 to 30 minute call could make someone’s day and could also be more helpful in understanding and completing a task.

Sara Brown, Cruise America

Diversify Your Communication Methods

Good communication starts with understanding the culture of the team and what works best for the group. With so many different ways to communicate these days, doing a quick survey would be a great way to start. With the diverse nature of our team, we mix it up through virtual zoom connects, Slack channels, and email. A little something for everyone and it keeps it fresh all while reducing burnout of one channel or another.

Jenn Christie, Markitors

Focus on Common Goals

Effective workplace communication offers an influx of benefits to organizations and their people. One way for employees to more effectively communicate with their team is to remind each other that they are all working toward specific and shared goals. Most organizations have a common objective that will motivate employees to show up daily and do their jobs efficiently, therefore identifying and reinforcing that objective will enable teams to work collectively, increase productivity and profits, and boost company morale.

Jeff Henretig, Apothecanna

Create an Open-Door Policy

For communication to be effective between employees, it should be open, friendly, and professional. One way to more effectively communicate with your team is having an open-door policy in place. A very important part of building trust within your team is being accessible and available for them to voice their concerns, share their ideas, and ask questions at any time. Keeping the lines of communication open creates trust, develops a sense of belonging, encourages a constant and open exchange of ideas, and strengthens relationships, all of which are vital to the success and advancement of any organization.

Jordan Nathan, Caraway

Utilize Weekly Meetings

Since it’s unlikely people will return to the office full-time it’s important for departments and teams to have regular meetings to discuss plans and goals. I like to have a meeting agenda for each team meeting. These are opportunities for each person to share successes, concerns, and priorities, and team members can discuss each other’s resources and how to help each other meet deadlines.

Shaun Price, MitoQ

Celebrate Employee Successes

Remote workers often feel more disengaged from work than their in-office counterparts which can lead to poor communication. To combat this feeling of underappreciation it is a great idea to implement an employee appreciation plan for your remote team. This can motivate employees to work harder, be more engaged, cut down on personnel turnover, and communicate more effectively with one another. A simple way to get started could include sending a weekly or monthly email to each member of the team congratulating them on something they achieved and providing feedback for the future. Not only is this a great way to show appreciation for team members but it also helps team leaders guide and motivate their team through work projects and goals

Melissa Haws, The Furnace Outlet

Establish Set Response Times

Employees can improve team communication by committing to a set response time. Slow replies are one of the main culprits of friction and miscommunication among teams. Following up with teammates in a timely manner builds trust and lessens the chance of forgetting to reply, plus saves time otherwise spent hunting down updates. Team members can commit to a communication timeline, for instance, answering emails within twenty four hours, or checking in with teammates at the end of each work day. If a task takes longer than anticipated, then the team member can touch base with teammates with a short and sweet, “still working on it.” This approach keeps employees accountable and reliable and avoids the anxiety caused by silence.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

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