2022 Dallas, TX Job Market: Industries, Salaries & More

Dallas, TX Job Market

The 2022 Dallas, TX job market is booming with opportunities in a variety of industries and at all different salary levels. Check out this guide to learn more about the local job market, including which industries are hiring and what salaries you can expect! Whether you’re relocating to Dallas or simply looking for a change, this post will help prepare you for your job search in one of America’s most vibrant cities.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country, and that growth is reflected in the job market. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, total non-farm employment in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area went up by 275,800 over the year in February 2022, with the local rate of job gains up 7.4% versus the national rate of just 4.9%.

The two metropolitan divisions of the area saw job gains in the year. The Dallas-Plano-Irving area, with accounts of 72% of total non-farm employment, saw a rise of 207,300 new jobs, while the Fort-Worth-Arlington unit, accounting for the remaining 28% of the non-farm workforce, saw a 68,500 job gain.

Dallas Job Growth: Top 10 Industries

Among the local private sectors, professional and business services saw the largest increase over the year to February 2022 — up by 74,100. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area alone experienced a job gain of 11.4%, far higher than the 5.6% national rate.

So, is Dallas a good place to find a job? No doubt! Dallas ranks third in the rank of the biggest U.S. metropolitan areas with the highest over-the-year total non-farm employment growth, after New York and Los Angeles.

The sectors in Dallas that experienced the highest number of new jobs created are (highest first):

  • Professional and business services – 74.1%
  • Leisure and hospitality – 60.4%
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities – 57.2%
  • Financial activities – 26.4%
  • Education and health services – 23%
  • Other services (repair and maintenance, personal and laundry services, private households, etc.) – 11.6%
  • Mining, logging, and construction – 10.2%
  • Information – 6.9%
  • Manufacturing – 6.6%

Dallas Job Market: Top 10 Occupations

The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is home to many large businesses and corporations, which is reflected in the top occupations for job growth. The majority of the top 10 occupations are in professional and business services or trade, transportation, and utilities. And the list of the fastest-growing occupations is led by computer and mathematical jobs, which are projected to grow by 33.8% through 2028.

Here are the top 10 occupations in Dallas, TX with the highest projected job growth:

  • Computer and mathematical occupations – 33.8%
  • Architecture and engineering occupations – 27.5%
  • Management occupations – 26.8%
  • Business and financial operations occupations – 25.6%
  • Sales and related occupations – 23.1%
  • Installation, maintenance, and repair occupations – 21.9%
  • Construction and extraction occupations – 21.2%
  • Transportation and material moving occupations – 18.7%
  • Production occupations – 16.7%
  • Healthcare practitioners and technical occupations – 15.9%

Average Salary by Occupation in Dallas, TX

When it comes to salaries, the mean wage in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is $58,020 per year. The highest-paying occupation in Dallas is in health services, cardiologists specifically, with an average salary of $362,730 per year. The lowest-paying occupation is food preparation and serving in a non-restaurant setting, which logs an average salary of $22,200 per year.

People with areas of specialization, like physicians, architects, engineers, lawyers, computer and information systems managers, and chief executives, are among the highest-paid in the area. Those wondering about the Dallas IT job market will find that there are plenty of opportunities for skilled individuals here, given that computer and IT managers are paid an average of $159,010 per year and computer and IT scientists get $151,460 annually.

Tips for Navigating the Dallas Job Market

As you know by now, the Dallas job growth outlook is a great enough reason to consider Dallas for your next career shift. How do you go about finding that perfect job in Dallas? Here are five tips to help you succeed in the Dallas, TX job market.

1. Start your job search with the big companies.

The top five employers in Dallas are American Airlines, JPMorgan Chase, AT&T, Bank of America, and Texas Health Resources. If you’re looking for an IT job in Dallas, large corporations like Dell Technologies, IBM, and Microsoft also have many open positions. Begin your search with BestCompaniesTX, which highlights the top companies offering the most attractive salary packages in Dallas.

2. Consider Cowtown’s bustling hospitality industry.

With a strong presence of both national and international hotel brands, the hospitality sector is always hiring in Dallas. Popular jobs in this industry include servers, bartenders, and housekeepers.

3. Think about relocating to one of Dallas’ booming suburbs.

Frisco, for example, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and has a median household income of $116,884. The city is attracting many businesses and young professionals with its low cost of living, top-rated schools, and family-friendly atmosphere.

4. Look for opportunities in the healthcare industry.

With several hospitals and research facilities located here, Dallas is a hub for healthcare jobs. Some of the most popular positions in this field are registered nurses, medical assistants, and physical therapists.

5. Utilize the free resources at your local library.

The Dallas Public Library offers many helpful services for job seekers, including resume writing assistance, career coaching, and access to online job databases.

Whether you’re looking for an IT job, a role in the services sector, or want to take your expertise and experience to another level in Dallas — or any other position — there are many great opportunities available. Use the tips above to help you navigate the Dallas job market and find the perfect position for you.

BestCompaniesTexas is always updating its list of the top companies to work for in Dallas, so be sure to check back often for the latest openings. And good luck with your job search!

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