Starting a Customer Service Career in Texas: 3 Essential Steps

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There’s never been a better time to start a customer service career in Texas. Of all 50 states, the Lone Star state had the highest employment level for customer service representatives as of May 2020. More than 289,000 people are employed in customer service in Texas, and there’s room for many more.

A customer service career can be fun, rewarding, and engaging. Because customer service intersects with every industry, from tech to healthcare to retail and beyond, individuals can build interesting, dynamic, and varied career paths. If you’re interested in launching your customer service career in Texas, read on to find out how to excel and thrive in a customer service representative career path.

How To Switch Into a Customer Service Career in Texas

Switching into a customer service career in Texas starts with identifying job opportunities and finding ways to align your current experience with those roles. Here’s a look at how.

Revise Your Resume to Lean Into Customer Service

Whether or not you have worked as a customer service representative before, you’ll need to help your resume sing and highlight your experience working with people. The good news is, nearly every job involves customer service in some way. Perhaps you’ve worked in a restaurant and had to make sure customers had everything they needed to enjoy their meals. Or, perhaps you’ve worked as a babysitter and had to serve parents in your community.

Find ways to highlight how you’ve engaged with customers and helped them to solve problems in your resume. This will help set you up to land a customer service job in Texas. Many customer service jobs don’t require previous work experience or a college education. This means you can easily transfer into the profession regardless of your work experience, especially by revising your resume to lean into customer service.

Identify The Sector You’re Interested In

After you’ve revised your resume to lean into customer service, you’ll want to identify the specific sector you’re interested in. Do you love food and travel? You may enjoy working in the hospitality sector. Or, are you a self-proclaimed techie? You may be a good fit in the technology sector. When selecting a sector, look for something that aligns with your personal interests and has opportunities for advancement.

Put Yourself Out There and Apply

After updating your resume and identifying the sector you’re interested in, it’s time to start putting yourself out there and submitting applications. You can look for opportunities at some of Texas’s top companies. Check out BestCompaniesTexas to learn more about these employers. When submitting job applications, go for volume with intention. Don’t submit applications for jobs you aren’t interested in. Instead, submit applications for jobs that align with what you’re looking for, and submit as many of them as you can. Set a goal for yourself, say 1–2 applications per day. Then, stick with it.

How To Excel in a Customer Service Career

We’ve all seen those individuals who seem to thrive in customer service capacities. Here’s a look at three ways you can excel in a customer service career.

Mind Your Metrics

Every company has a metric, or key performance indicator, that’s important for their customer service representatives. Seek clarity on what that is for your employer and then work to consistently exceed your goal. This will help you stay focused on what’s most important to your company so you can stand out as a high performer.

Practice Patience

You’ll need to clothe yourself with patience and kindness every day in a customer service career. Customer service representatives are often the first line of contact for customers and represent the brand on a daily basis. Put your best foot forward by practicing patience with customers. Be careful not to be found gossiping about or disparaging customers. Instead, be the type of employee that brings a positive, patient attitude to work everyday.

Be a Creative Problem Solver

When customers come to you, they’re often looking for you to solve a problem for them. Whether they can’t find an answer to a certain question, don’t know where to find a certain department, or simply need help selecting the best product for their need, customers need your help to bring about their desired result. Get creative and leverage all of the information your company provides about how to approach common problems. If you find yourself in a new situation, come up with a creative solution and share it with your boss for approval before moving forward. They’ll respect your initiative and ability to find solutions on your own.

Customer Service Representative Career Path

You may be wondering, what is a customer service representative career path? What does it entail? Can you advance in title and pay in the customer service field? The answer is yes. Working as a customer service representative can prepare you for advanced customer service positions such as management roles. Eventually, you may be able to work up to executive roles like Director of Customer Success.

You can also choose to specialize in service for a particular product at your company, becoming a subject matter expert for that product. Additionally, you may leverage your front-line customer service experience to write helpful marketing content that addresses frequently asked customer questions. The possibilities are endless.

Customer Service Career Opportunities in Texas

If you know a customer service career is right for you, BestCompaniesTexas is here to help you find a great opportunity at one of Texas’s top companies. Whether you’re looking for a small, medium, or large employer, BestCompaniesTexas’ annual Best Employers in Texas lists will point you in the right direction.

Consider applying to incredible financial sector employers, such as Freedom Financial. Or, apply at a prominent tech organization such as GoDaddy. Explore the growing list of best Texas jobs and get started with your customer service career today!

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