November 6, 2019 BestCompaniesUSA

5 Creative Coworking Spaces in Dallas

Remote work is a beneficial phenomenon brought on by the digital age and increasingly technologically advanced workforce.

Nonetheless, working remotely in the same environment each day can get tedious. Some people thrive in the bustling atmosphere when working in coffee shops around Dallas, for example.

However, other remote workers in Dallas may need a different environment to focus, such as a coworking space. With credit to a variety of coworking spaces in Dallas, remote workers can benefit from an office space while still taking advantage of working remotely.

Additionally, smaller businesses can benefit from the cost-efficiency of a coworking space. So, if you’re looking for a new environment to flourish in, check out the following creative coworking spaces in Dallas below.

Creative Coworking Spaces in Dallas

Common Desk

Common Desk was founded on the belief that your environment and who you surround yourself with makes all the difference. The coworking space’s staff strives to enhance the workday of any professional with thoughtful moments and a sense of belonging.

Currently, Common Desk has five locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with two more on the way.

Each coworking space provides a variety of amenities to customers. Some of these amenities include high-quality wifi, outdoor patios, as well as standing and treadmill desks.



Spaces is a coworking company with locations all across the globe. Each coworking space is passionate about providing professionals with a stimulating environment where they can get their best work done.

A great benefit of visiting one of Spaces’ coworking locations is the community you can connect with. In addition to comfortable working environments, Spaces offers various business and networking events.


Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs offers professionals flexibility with its coworking space options in over 35 locations across the United States.

If you’re looking for a coworking space for your team to collaborate in, Serendipity Labs offers customizable team offices. In addition, the coworking space offers short-term memberships that meet your project’s timely needs.



The team at GoodWork welcomes all types of professionals, from creatives to early & mid-stage companies, as well as non-profits. Whether you’re a team of one or a budding new company, the coworking space has a lot to offer.

Thanks to the diversity of the coworking space offered by GoodWork, you can create each day differently. For example, you are welcome to work in the beautiful outdoors or use the workspace to meet clients over a warm cup of coffee.



Industrious has two coworking spaces in Dallas, including the Arts District and Plano. Each location offers professionals hospitality-driven workplaces to inspire their next great idea.

Teams that work at Industrious’ coworking locations can enjoy numerous types of office spaces. For example, you can take advantage of large suites that have conference rooms, or the more traditional private office design.


Find a Coworking Space in Dallas That Fits You

Being able to work in an environment that fits you should go hand-in-hand with remote work. Even if you’re looking for a coworking space in Dallas for just one day, a change in scenery can be extremely beneficial.

If you’re looking for a change of pace with your job, then consider checking out some of the best employers in Dallas. Your next great career is just around the corner.