Careers In Finance And Accounting: Texas Edition

careers in finance and accounting

Wondering how to pursue promising careers in finance and accounting? Want to snag an excellent job with one of the top companies to work for in Texas? Read on to discover some great career steps you can take. Accountants and financial advisors hold knowledge that’s more necessary than ever as more Baby Boomers enter retirement. And the complexity of tax laws make those who know and understand the services they offer very valuable to businesses and individuals.

Careers in finance and accounting take work, of course — but these jobs can prove exceptionally rewarding. You have various routes to take for starting out on a finance or accounting path. But all of them take time, effort and enthusiasm for the work as well as a commitment to the industry as a far-reaching career choice.

Careers In Finance And Accounting: Tips For Success

Evaluate the career path for fit.

If you’re a true “numbers person” and you’d love helping others understand the gravity of their personal financial situation (or help a company to do so), then this may be a smart path for you to pursue. Many successful careers in finance and accounting, though, require long hours and a hefty workload. Start by weighing the pros and cons against your strengths and passions to decide if this proves the right role for you both personally and professionally.

Get your degree.

The majority of financial advisors and accountants have college degrees. So, if you wish to hold a professional certification such as a CFP/CFA, a four-year degree is obligatory for licensing. Your field of study does not necessarily matter as much as proving your initiative to stick with a program and also meet deadlines. With that said, degrees in finance, accounting, economics, mathematics and computer science can particularly “glow” on your resume — so bear that in mind if you’re considering careers in finance and accounting. If you are interested in becoming a CPA, there are certain certification requirements you’ll need before getting licensed. For instance, all CPAs in Texas need at least 150 semester hours of college credit and a bachelor’s degree. They also need to take the Uniform CPA Exam and gain 2,000 hours of work experience.

Start a solid track record through internships & networking.

Find an internship that will help you master the ropes within the industry. Or, find an entry-level position at a bank, brokerage or accounting firm. In garnering this type of work experience, it’s imperative that you absorb as much knowledge as possible about the role. Also, pay attention to the career paths “numbers people” can pursue.

One prime pathway to a finance job? An internship at Charles Schwab. Want to both expand your skillset and work for a stellar employer? Schwab is recognized as one of the best companies in Texas and they offer opportunities for both seasoned financial professionals and those just entering the industry — rendering it an attractive workplace for interns and full-time employees alike. Schwab also offers a Registered Investment Advisor Summer Internship program designed to help undergraduate students prepare for employment within independent RIA firms.

Another excellent place for interns to get a feel for the industry? Ryan. Whether you’re a recent grad or an intern, Ryan provides training, support and mentorship in its dynamic work environment. Check out a “Day in the Life” snapshot of a Ryan intern, and learn why it’s an excellent place for many to launch their careers in finance and accounting.

Furthermore, internships allow aspiring accountants and finance professionals to gather real-world experience — and foster a network in the industry. You’ll get instruction and insight from mentors who have careers in finance and accounting. Your connections can link to future job opportunities and positive recommendations later on.

Get trained & licensed.

Multiple certifications are available for aspiring accountants and financial advisors, usually after they’ve accumulated 3+ years of work experience. Certification typically requires specialized training or coursework, an exam, and continuing education. The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) recommends at least one of the following certifications for financial advisors:

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
  • Personal Financial Specialist (PFS)
  • Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Some specialty areas require licensing. Financial advisors wanting to focus on selling insurance must be licensed in their state as an accredited advisor in insurance. On the other hand, advisors for investments must register with their state or with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as a Registered Investment Advisor.

Getting licensed as a certified public accountant in Texas involves getting your bachelor’s degree, taking the Uniform CPA Exam, getting a year of relevant work experience (paid or unpaid) under your belt, obtaining your license and staying current through continued professional education (CPE) hours. Those working toward a CPA license must complete 120 hours of CPE every three years, with at least 20 hours of CPE in each 12-month period.

Find an amazing job!

Wondering about careers in finance and accounting? You just might find your brightest future at one of the Best Companies in Texas — including Charles Schwab, which is currently hiring for roles in Austin, Westlake and El Paso for various positions.

Charles Schwab remains true to their culture of service, teamwork and viewing challenges “through clients’ eyes.”

At Schwab, it’s not all solely about stocks and bonds — it’s about bettering lives. Being able to change people’s lives in positive ways is a powerful purpose Schwab has embraced through the years. It has made them both influential and progressive.

Another top employer in Texas is Ryan, and whether you’re in San Antonio, Dallas, Austin or Houston, there are careers in finance and accounting for you to peruse. If you’ve particularly taken a shine to tax-related finance work, Ryan offers roles that include Sales & Use Tax Consultants and Senior Analysts for Financial Planning & Analysis.  

Ryan offers outstanding opportunities to work in a dynamic, rapidly expanding tax services firm. They also serve the world’s most respected Global 5000 companies. Its innovative work environment, accelerated growth path for high performers, competitive benefits package, and outstanding earning potential provide one of the most rewarding career experiences available across the industry.

Check out other financial routes you can take for your career by browsing the BestCompaniesTexas jobs portal.

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