Webinar Recap – Building A Powerful Brand With Corporate Awards

In March’s webinar, Building a Powerful Brand with Corporate Awards, our keynote speaker discussed how to build a corporate brand, why employee morale is so important, and what you can do to create a highly effective corporate workplace.

Delta Emerson, Denise Gredler and Lindsay M. Smith shared personal experiences and provided insight into the key lessons they have learned in their corporate careers thus far.

Delta Emerson of Ryan, LLC shared that the foundation of an award-winning organization is a drive to be successful and grow in value. Your leadership team must be engaged, informed, and excited about your organization’s goals.

Does your team see the value in their work? Are you prepared to allocate time and resources into creating an award-winning strategy?

Emerson shared her personal experience with Ryan, LLC, and the 7-year transformation period where she took the organization’s restructuring head on. Employee engagement survey scores were painfully low and when Delta started with the company, all employees were ranked by the numbers of hours they worked.

During the webinar, attendees responded to a live poll, saying that they weren’t sure they would have enough time or resources to master the learning curve to reboot and reignite their workplace and employees.

Delta said she felt similarly when she began her journey with Ryan, LLC. Denise Gredler shared that she, too, has worked with companies who felt this way at the beginning of their journeys.

The first step Emerson took to more deeply engage Ryan’s employees and boost company morale involved restructuring company programs. The company began to develop their manager training, offer one-on-one coaching and mentorship, enhance their communication practices, and celebrate employee success more frequently. Ryan also began hosting a variety of social activities to encourage community and comradery throughout the company.

Next, Delta addressed the need to share data more transparently and the need for cross-functional teams. She spearheaded efforts to improve training, enhance workplace communication, and provide community-building activities.

It paid off. The results of Emerson’s changes were astonishing. Client service scores were the best they had been in the company’s history and employee turnover dropped rapidly. Ryan saw it’s revenue grow year after year.

Employees were engaged and valued the work they were doing. Within a 7-year period, Ryan’s Great Places to Work Scores rose by more than 28 points between 2005 and 2012. The company also won more than 300 awards between 2009 and 2015.

.Several case studies and numerous media mentions were written about Delta and her team’s transformation of Ryan’s culture. Ryan’s CEO, Brint Ryan, was elated.

If you want to mirror Emerson’s success, consider these basic steps:

  • Educate yourself about corporate awards

  • Assess your company’s existing culture- Where do you stand?

  • Assess leadership mindset about corporate awards

  • Determine who needs to be encouraged about upcoming changes

  • Create an plan-of-action

  • Determine your resource budget- time and people

  • Create a business case for presentation to leadership

Like our webinar attendees, maybe you are struggling with your corporate award strategy. Attendees shared that they were nervous and needed help to begin their corporate awards journey. They needed more information about the corporate awards landscape. If so, watching the webinar on our YouTube channel or listening to it on our podcast will be incredibly helpful. You can access the March webinar here!

Also, take a look at BestCompaniesUSA’s webinar archived here and be sure to register for our April webinar, Winning the War on Talent: Recruitment!

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