Top Companies Hiring In Austin in 2019

It’s almost time to change our calendars again. And a new year promises plenty of opportunities for career growth and advancement, especially in Austin. The capital of Texas is a hotbed of growth in business, finance, and technology and there are several top companies hiring in Austin 2019. Check out the list of companies with locations in Austin and start planning your next career move.


Ryan is the world’s largest firm that is dedicated exclusively to business taxes. The company has a strong reputation as the leader in a global tax service and tax software provider. Ryan is a five-time winner of the International Service Excellence Award from the Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA). Their software supports businesses in 45 countries and employs over 2000 tax professionals.

For over two decades, Ryan has built a reputation for delivering satisfactory services to its clients. However, it doesn’t stop there, the company program myRyan rewards employees for their hard work. The myRyan program includes flexible work hours and telecommunication to improve employee wellbeing and work-life balance.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is one of the world’s largest banking and brokerage firms. They provide investors with online investment opportunities using an electronic trading platform for the sale and purchase of investments including stocks, futures, mutual funds and fixed income investing. Charles Schwab employs 17,000 investment professionals in 46 states as well as branches located in London and Puerto Rico.

Charles Schwab is ranked a “Top Workplace” in major cities across the country including Austin. Schwab has earned this ranking because of their commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace.


H-E-B is a leading American supermarket chain established in Texas. They have 350 stores locations across the country. The company has a heavy presence in their home state of Texas, including a corporate office and several store locations in Austin. Indeed named HEB as the Best Retailer to Work For in 2017 and the Best Place to Work for Compensation in 2018.

Above all, the supermarket chain’s company culture is driven by the idea that people matter. H-E-B cares for its employees and ensures their well-being outside of work with a comprehensive health care, generous vacation days, and flexible schedules. In addition, HEB has a growth from within policy and routinely promotes associates to higher levels of management at the store and corporate level.


Amazon is the largest internet retailer in the world and second largest in total sales, just after Alibaba Group. The e-commerce site employ’s over 500,000 people worldwide and has its hands in consumer electronics, streaming, film and television, publishing and cloud infrastructure services. It is perhaps one of the most recognizable names of the top companies hiring in Austin 2019.

The company motto “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History” is the employees guiding light at Amazon. Amazon pushes its employees to work with integrity and creativity. This commitment to employees development is a key factor in its employee satisfaction. “The opportunities to learn here are literally unlimited, and the opportunity to take on new responsibility as well,” said one Glassdoor reviewer.


Dell is a world leader in computers and computer technology. The company produces and develops personal computers, servers, data storage devices, printers, and other electronics. Dell is one of the largest technology companies in the world and employees over 130,000 people. Before it went private in 2013, the computer technology corporation has received several high accolades. It is also the second largest non-oil company in the state of Texas.

Dell believes that creating a sustainable and innovative workforce is dependent on its people. That is why Dell offers special amenities like flexible work hours, on-site healthcare and gyms, and on-site cafeterias.

Nicknamed “Silicon Hills,” Austin is a hotbed for job seekers in the tech industry, but the opportunity doesn’t stop there. The unemployment rate of Austin and its surrounding areas are at an all-time low — even lower than the national unemployment rate! Jump on these top hiring companies in Austin in 2019, and move your career forward.

The Coolest Office Spaces in Dallas

The “everyday” office is designed to accommodate employees for the workday. However, to engage employees, and increase productivity and creativity, the typical office is beginning to look less like offices, and more like functional playgrounds for employees. Here are a few of the coolest office space in Dallas.

Smart City Locating

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Smart City Locating knows a thing or two about cool office spaces. In fact, Glassdoor recognized Smart City as one of the best places to work in the country. The apartment locating service believes in quick communication, accessibility, and transparency. The open floor plan, which promotes communication and teamwork, is a reflection of Smart City’s core competencies.

The pet-friendly office receives high accolades for its dedication to keeping the office spaces fun, thrilling and fresh. According to Glassdoor, one current employee described the Smart City environment as a place that doesn’t feel like work. “There’s really no reason to frown when you work at Smart City!” said the employee.

eXp Realty

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Albeit, when you think of an office space you might picture employees tucked behind desks. This is not the case for start-up eXp Realty. eXp Realty is one of the fastest growing realty brands in North America. To manage this growth, employees have the opportunity to telecommute through a virtual office program called eXp World.

eXp World allows workers to collaborate as if they were in the same office. This telecommunication perk lets workers decide their cool office space.

Bottle Rocket

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Bottle Rocket is a mobile device specialist and three-time winner of the Dallas Top 100 Place To Work awards. Employees, also known as Rocketeers, have the freedom to strategize and create technologies to serve clients. As a result of such high standards, Bottle Rocket has created an environment built to foster creativity.

Bottle Rocket redefines the meaning of coolest office space. The building’s workspaces are designed to spark ideas with dry-erase board walls and open floor plans. Employees can de-stress at the cafeteria or in one of the many communal areas equipped with video games and musical instruments. Above all, Bottle Rocket defies the standard office space and even resembles one straight from Silicon Valley.


coolest office spaces in Dallas

Solera has earned its right as one of the coolest office spaces in Dallas. The Texas-based company provides risk management and asset protection software and services to the automotive industry. You won’t find stuffy cubicles at this software company; Solera takes inspiration from its automotive clients to create a car junkies dream workplace.

Solera’s “do-it-different” mantra is reflected in its unique office building. The garage-style headquarters, located in Texas, is renovated to resemble a wonderland of cars. Vintage auto parts placed throughout the office create makeshift decorations and workplaces. The unique workspace inspires employees to innovate creative client solutions.

Charles Schwab

coolest office spaces in Dallas

Charles Schwab sees investment as an act of optimism and a commitment to the future. This is why Charles Schwab made an investment in its Texas location and in 2018 opened a 50-acre campus.

The Austin campus at Gracy Farms accommodates more the 1,900 employees. Its open workspace is designed to support a modern and sustainable workplace culture. Multi-use auditorium, adjustable sit/stand desks, a cafeteria, and more are available on the campus.

To engage employees, employers are designing environments that inspire creativity and encourage teamwork. These workspaces are engaging employees and raising the bar of what it means to be a cool place to work in Dallas.

Serving Those Who Served: Employers Seeking Veterans in Texas

Veterans play an integral role in the safety of Americans with some sacrificing everything for the good of the country; however, our heroes face underemployment and unemployment when they return to home territory. To combat under- and unemployment and to serve those who have served, employers are seeking special initiatives, and programs to hire more veterans and create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

In addition to hiring initiatives, employers have created programs to help veterans transition from their military service to a civilian position. Here are a few employers seeking veterans in Texas who are serving those who’ve served with job opportunities.

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eXp Realty

eXp Realty, based in Dallas, is one of the fastest real estate companies in North America. This rapid growth is opportune for veterans seeking to break into the realty industry. Despite its industry, eXp offers positions that are not limited to real estate professionals. Veterans can use their transferable skills to fill postitions like engineer, marketer, accountant and more at eXp.  

Even more, the agency is a partner of Hire Heroes USA, a non-profit organization that empowers U.S. military members, veterans and military spouses. This growing veteran-friendly company is the perfect environment for veterans seeking employment.


IBM offers specialized training and hiring initiatives to ensure the success of veterans. The multinational information technology company recognizes veterans as essential and invaluable contributors to the workforce. That is why IMB, through its Veteran Employment Initiative, has committed to hiring 2,000 veterans by the year 2020.

The infotech giant has gone the extra mile to provide veterans with software training, certification and job placement assistance for those pursuing a career as a data analyst. The initiative has certified hundreds of veterans and place them into positions.

Navy Federal Credit Union

At Navy Federal, veterans can continue their service helping others surrounded by like-minded and hard-working colleagues. The armed force bank serves the military community including, but not limited to, Navy, Marines and the Army. However, they just don’t offer banking services, they also take action to hire their comrades.

Navy Federal values and celebrates veterans; additionally, the bank exemplifies its dedication to veterans by hiring them to diversify its workforce. This is why the bank has initiated programs to proactively recruit qualified individuals with disabilities, disabled veterans recently separated veterans and other protected veterans.


Veterans will be empowered to achieve greatness by tools provided by Microsoft. In fact, the multinational technology companies mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. So, it is no surprise that Microsoft has several programs that hire and train veteran for a career in the tech industry.

Most noticeably, the tech company offers thorough learning and training programs from online courses and training programs to academies. The Software and Systems Academy is an 18-week program for service members. Participants are interviewed for a potential full-time position when they successfully complete the program.

Unemployment and underemployment rates amongst our nation’s veterans are a constant concern. These are only a few of the many employers seeking veterans in Texas. They see the value that veterans can bring to the workplace and proactively hire and train veterans for the workforce.


Stand Out Skills To Include on Your Resume 

We’ve all had that moment. The moment where you come to the skills section of your resume and pause, wondering exactly what skills are most valuable to your employer. Perhaps you’ve been told to include language skills. Or, you may have heard that it’s a great idea to list the Microsoft Office Suite as a skill at the bottom of your resume. It can be difficult to know what skills to include to make your resume stand out in the job pool.

Rest assured there is a tried-and-true method for listing relevant, unique skills on your resume. By looking to the job description for guidance and listing stand out skills, this section on your resume is sure to draw attention.

Look to The Job Description For Guidance

If you’re not sure what skills matter to your employer, read through the job description. Reading through what the company has written about what they’re looking for is a great way to find out what skills are most important to them.

If a company says they’re looking for a technologically savvy self starter, list any technology related skills you have. Whether it’s experience with a particular software, or the ability to build a computer from scratch, list something that highlights your comfort with working with technology.

Using the exact keywords the job description uses is another way to harness insights from the job description. In many cases, your resume may be reviewed by a computer before it ever gets in front of a hiring manager. Resume screening software often recommends resumes that have similar keywords to those listed in the job description. Taking a skill directly from the job description is a great way to get the computer software to notice your resume, and pass it long to the hiring decision makers.

List Unique, Stand Out Skills

In addition to highlighting how your skills align with the job description, it’s important to list a few skills that are unique to you. Interviewers often look through resumes in large volumes and you don’t want your resume to blend in with everyone else’s. That’s where listing stand out skills comes in.

Ask yourself, what’s unique about my skill set? What might the interviewer be surprised by about my professional background? What language or communication skills do I have?

The skills section of your resume should include both hard and soft skills. Here’s a look at some stand out skills to include on your resume:

Data Analysis

This highlights your ability to draw conclusions from data and large amounts of information. If you list this on your resume, be prepared       to share an example of how you’ve analyzed data.

Computer Languages

List any computer languages you are familiar with. In some cases, it’s worth it to list computer languages that you have a basic understanding of, such as HTML. Companies love to see that you have the ability to learn new ways of thinking and communicating.

Planning / Event Planning

Event planning is an extremely valuable skill to employers. Even if the job itself doesn’t require you to plan events, highlighting this skill communicates that you are organized and detail oriented.

Foreign Languages

In an increasingly global workforce, language proficiency is a valuable asset to any company. If you’re fluent or proficient in any foreign languages, highlight this in the skills section of your resume. Then, be prepared to say a few things in that language during the interview if you are asked to.

Analytical Thinking and Research

Employers want someone who’s able to think critically and find answers through research. When listing this on your resume, think about an example of how you’ve used research and analytical thinking to achieve a goal. Be prepared to share this example with your interviewer.

If you list some of these stand out skills on your resume and match your skills to the position’s job description, you’re sure to catch a recruiter’s eye.

If you’re looking for more career and interview tips, explore our website, a resource to help job seekers up level their career. Also, take a look at open positions at some of Texas’s best companies.



5 Best Financial Services Companies To Work For in Austin 

Austin is a bustling city with hundreds of incredible companies to work for. The city’s financial services sector is particularly active, boasting a plethora of financial firms of all sizes. Many of these firms go above and beyond to make their company a great place to work. Working at a financial services firm no longer holds the same stuffy stereotype of working long hours in a suit.

At these companies in Austin, employees enjoy meaningful work, great benefits, a positive office environment, endless opportunities to grow, and a great work life balance. Here’s a look at the five best financial services companies to work for in Austin.

Ryan, LLC

Ryan, LLC is a tax services firm that works with some of the world’s most respected Global 5000 companies. The company takes a results-oriented approach and allows employees to have flexible work schedules. Ryan’s award-winning myRyan program gives employees the opportunity to work however and wherever they work best.

Collaboration is key at Ryan, so employees work together and support one another in working towards team goals. If you’re interested in working for Ryan, LLC, explore opportunities at the company’s Austin location.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab has locations in Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Westlake, and El Paso, Texas. The company believes that investing has the power to transform people’s lives. Schwab employees are encouraged to tackle problems, create innovative solutions, and challenge the status quo.

The company prioritizes inclusivity and has a number of programs and employee resource groups in place to support individuals from all kinds of diverse backgrounds. Employees at Schwab in Austin say they get to be creative on the job, have the right amount of autonomy, work load and variety, and have job stability. If you’re interested in working for Charles Schwab,  browse open positions at the company’s Austin location.

Ark Financial

Ark Financial is a financial planning firm dedicated to providing exceptional customer service with warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit. The company’s team is committed to always serving their client’s best interests and putting people before profits. The company has a small, dream team of six people and treats its employees like family. is a financial services technology and marketing company in Austin. The company’s website offers free, informative content, financial insights and credit information. employees receive dental and health insurance benefits, an unlimited vacation policy, a generous parental leave policy, and 401K matching. The company’s collaborative and creative work environment keeps employees happy, inspired and learning.


Vault helps companies and their employees pursue financial wellness by tackling student debt. The company is unique within the FinTech industry in Austin, and has been growing steadily since it launched in 2013. Vault employees enjoy a flexible work schedules and receive a student loan repayment benefit.

These are some of the best financial services companies to work for in Austin. If you’re interested in learning more about Austin’s best companies, explore our website. We list open positions at these companies and share resources to help you land your dream job.


How To Craft the Perfect Out of Office Email

Heading out for a well-deserved vacation, yet afraid you may miss something back at the office? For many people, leaving the office for vacation or for an extended period of time can cause some anxiety. Knowing how to craft the perfect out-of-office email, however, can help you put that anxiety to rest, and allow you to enjoy your time away.

Follow these out of office-of-office email tips for a stress-free vacation and a smooth transition back to work.

1. Write a Clear Subject Line

Having a clear subject line is essential to crafting the perfect out-of-office email. Otherwise, it may easily end up in someone’s trash folder.

Need some inspiration? Try these:

  • Out-of-Office until (your date of return)
  • Hello from (Your vacation location goes here)
  • Sorry I missed you!

2. Give the Dates of Your Absence

Now that your customer or colleague knows you’re gone, make sure you clue them into when you will be back. This is as simple as giving them the dates of your absence. Start with the date you are leaving, and end with the date you will be returning.

3. Provide the Reason Why You’re Gone

Providing the reason you are out of the office lets your audience know you are human! Out on a sick day? Let them know! Enjoying a sunny beach? Share it and show them self-care matters to you. Off learning at a conference? Well, you get the picture.

4. Connect Them With a Colleague

Your correspondent is now jealous of your beach getaway, but what do they do about their issue? Be sure to include the contact information for a colleague who can help with issues during the interim. This lets your correspondent know you care, even when you are away.

  1. Keep It Brief

No need to give your contact a page long explanation as to what your situation is. Keeping your out-of-office email brief will make it easily scannable. This allows your contact to resolve their issue quickly and get on with their own day.  

6. TRIPLE-Check the Email for Typos

Typos immediately discredit an individual and make people question your professionalism. Make sure you are certain your email is perfect. Having a colleague proofread your email would be a quick way to ensure your good to go here.  

7. Use Different Messages for Internal & External Senders

The tone you use for those inside your company, and those outside may be drastically different. The individuals who handle issues for internal and external senders in your business will probably differ as well. Ensuring you are using different messages here will help you to avoid any mistakes.

8. Give Pertinent People Advanced Notice

Just a heads up, your boss and subordinates should probably not find out about your absence from your out-of-office message. Make certain these individuals, as well as any pressing clients, know about your absence well ahead of time to avoid conflict while you are gone.  

9. Only Send ONE Autoreply Per Contact

During your absence, you will undoubtedly be receiving multiple emails from certain contacts. Only sending one autoreply per contact will give you an air of professionalism (you know how to work your email!) and will ensure you are not annoying your correspondents.

10. Don’t Get Too Conversational or Personal

Again, professionalism is the word here. Coming off too conversational or personal in your out-of-office email is unnecessary and makes you look silly. While you may want to share your full itinerary with your contacts, it’s probably not your best professional move.

Following these tips will help you to craft the perfect out-of-office e-mail, and also leave you feeling better about leaving your office for a few days. Take 10 minutes, get your message done, and get out of the office for the time you need off.

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3 Financial Technology Companies in Austin

The financial technology (fintech) industry is a game-changer! Innovation from new, advanced technology has changed the way we bank, disrupting traditional banks. But where did fintech come from?

The industry is a conglomerate of the financial and technology businesses that introduce new ways to approach financial problems with technology. These technological businesses are diverse. Some companies use payment apps, while others utilize more complex solutions like software applications and artificial intelligence.

Fintech combines the best of both worlds – finance and technology – to innovate cutting edge services for customers. The industry is still very young, making it possible for people of diverse specialties to make the move into fintech and apply their skills. If you think that the FinTech industry might be a good fit for you, check out our favorite financial technology companies in Austin, Texas.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab helps their clients transform their lives with exceptional investment services. This fintech company sees investing as an act of optimism and commitment to the future which is why the emphasis of technology is so important here.

At Charles Schwab, employees affectionately known as Schwabbies use forward-thinking technologies to champion the goals of the client with passion and integrity. Whether you’re an experienced financial professional, technology expert or new to the fintech industry, Charles Schwab is an employer that gives its employees the opportunity to do their best work.


Tax services company Ryan assists international clients with world-class tax services including tax recovery, consulting, advocacy, compliance, and technology services. Because of its dedication to top of the line service, Ryan has been awarded five International Service Excellence Awards from the Customer Services Institute of America.

The company combines technology and financial services to provide a top-notch product for clients around the world. By using technology to enhance their services, Ryan fulfills its mission to liberate their clients from the burden of being overtaxed, free their capital to invest, grow and thrive.

Austin Asset

Austin Asset is an investment firm that conducts financial planning studies for clients that integrate the assignment of a purpose to any investments. At Austin Asset, the mission is to bring clarity and purpose to wealth through authentic and enduring relationships. The financial technology company is able to deliver on this goal with the implementation of technology.

The firm uses cutting edge technology to make accurate and informed strategies to improve their clients investments. With over 30 years of experience, multiple national recognitions, and more than $855 million in investments under management, the company not only meets their goals but exceeds expectations.

The fintech industry disrupted the way traditional banks operate and has created a new standard of banking. New technologies that are created daily will continue to evolve the financial technology. To learn more about the financial technology industry in Austin, visit Best Companies Texas. If you’re interested in working at a fintech company in Texas, browse open positions here! Then, check out our article about interview questions and answers for financial analysts and advisors.

8 Tech Companies Hiring in Dallas

Dallas, Texas is a bustling hub of technology companies. Some of Dallas’ most prominent and exciting tech companies are looking to bring in new top talent. So, if you’re looking for a career you love, check out these tech companies hiring in Dallas.


Ryan is an award-winning global tax services and software provider. Recognized as one of the best places to work in 2018, employees are proud to be a part of the Ryan, LLC. team. Don’t just take our word for it! The company is rated 4.4 out of 5 on Glassdoor and employee reviews are full of positive remarks. From their engaging, diverse culture to the countless opportunities for upward growth, Ryan, LLC. is one of the best tech companies hiring in Dallas.

Charles Schwab

For those looking to empower others with financial stability and rewarding investments, look no further. Charles Schwab is a world-known financial service company. Schwab is optimistic about helping their clients secure their assets and prepare for the future. Employees are encouraged to pursue innovation and challenge the status quo. Whether you are looking for a financial advisor position or a spot on their software development team, you will be proud to call Charles Schwab home.

BCG Digital Ventures

Headquartered in Manhattan Beach, CA, BCG Digital Ventures is a corporate investment and incubation firm. Entrepreneurs, operators, and investors work together to build businesses and expand the market. While the company specializes in technology and internet solutions for small businesses, the career opportunities at BCG Digital Ventures are vast. Take a look at their open positions and learn more about the company that is revolutionizing business development here!


Looking for a career in marketing and advertising in the Dallas area? Lifeblue is an interactive services company driven by the mission “To Save the World From Bad Design”. Simply put, LB works to create top-notch brand platforms that make their clients’ lives easier. Employees love being a part of Lifeblue because they are passionate about the work they do. Also, the balance between work and play lend to the company’s highly-praised culture of innovation. Visit Lifeblue here to learn about all that the company has to offer.


Ranked number 9 in “The 20 Hottest Startups in DFW”, ParkHub makes parking easier to operators and drivers.  ParkHub’s innovative, reliable software helps companies boost revenue while cutting costs. So, how does it work? Companies lease out the software and receive a percentage of the parking revenue. While the company started fairly recently, ParkHub has been used at many major events like the Superbowl, Levi Stadium, and the American Airlines Center. Join this team of creative problem solvers here!


VMWare is a computer hardware and software company driven by the goal of innovating the digital infrastructure of small businesses. Led by one of 2018’s top CEOs, VMW works with more than 500,000 customers around the world. Employees are part of diverse and inclusive teams where technology and engineering come together as one. So, if you are excited to design and deliver the future of IT, apply today!


Ranked in the top 10 coolest tech companies hiring in Dallas in 2017, Alkami is an enterprise software and network solutions company headquartered in Texas. Aside from the excellent employee benefits and highly praised company culture, Alkami is a great place for people for the opportunity to grow as they go. The brightest talent in software development call Alkami home. The company’s mission is to deliver innovative banking solutions that are beautifully designed and intelligently delivered. At Alkami, the dream of having a career you love becomes a reality.


Dialexa is a Dallas-based computer hardware and software company taking the tech industry by storm. We couldn’t tell you about the tech companies hiring in Dallas without mentioning this highly-ranked tech powerhouse. Dialexa is a company where the most talented software experts work to revolutionize their clients’ digital business strategies. Even more, a career with Dialexa is highly rewarding. But, don’t just take our word for it. Ranked 4.8 out of 5 on Glassdoor, 100% of employees would recommend the company to a friend and the CEO has a 100% approval rate! Dialexa is a company of excited, intelligent employees changing the way businesses utilize technology to meet their needs.

Want to learn more about the best tech companies in Texas? Visit us here!


At Schwab: My Future is Your Future

Written by Bari Beilinson, FC Academy Cohort Trainee at Charles Schwab

Content sponsored by Charles Schwab & Co.

I’ll never forget that during my junior year of college my advisor told me that as a Jewish female it would be difficult being successful as a finance major, implying it was a man’s world. So, I changed my major to marketing; however, my heart kept pulling me towards finance. By graduation, I knew I needed to follow my gut and decided to pursue a career in finance anyway. I discovered Schwab’s Financial Consultant Academy, a rotational program that prepares individuals for a career as a financial consultant. My interest peaked. I knew that Schwab was a trusted name in the industry and decided to brush aside the assumption that a financial institution would not be a good place for me. Motivated that this Academy fosters, trains, and mentors its new employees, and consults with them before, during, and after they complete the program, I accepted the job. Now 14 months later, I feel like a completely changed person.

Moving from Austin to Dallas, I began a Jewish outreach community that reaches 500 young professionals. I was excited to find out how I could make my individual mark at Schwab. I had a good feeling on day one and instantly connected with the people around me. One of them became a mentor and later my best friend. I was amazed when I learned that my team was the first in the Academy where women were the majority, not the minority. We were defying the stereotype that only men are financial consultants. Additionally, being at a company that honors and champions diversity is remarkable.

Charles Schwab was founded on a principle of “seeing through the client’s eyes” and I discovered that empathy doesn’t end with our clients; it extends to its employees as well. When I sat down with a member of our Executive Council he said “we challenge you to challenge us.” He told me a story of an employee who loved Schwab, but knew her position in the company was not a match.  The executive and the employee partnered together to find a job that she excelled in. Working for a company that values transparency and exhibits genuine care for its employees is so refreshing.

Coming to Charles Schwab has been life altering for me personally and professionally. Consulting over the phones with clients and dealing with hundreds of questions and dozens of personalities has taught me the importance of listening, and I mean really listening! Schwab has shown me how to present complex issues in a simple and straightforward manner. In fact, we are expected to learn to manage high net worth portfolios. My former self would have felt scared to take on that challenge or call myself a leader in this financial profession, but Schwab is changing that. Schwab has taught me that this industry is really about building relationships with clients, whether they have two hundred dollars or two hundred million dollars in their portfolio.

Separately, a few colleagues and I formed a Lean In Circle, which is part of a global community dedicated to help women achieve their ambitions. Similarly, I am shaping a peer-to-peer mentorship program to support, encourage, and provide an environment for women to thrive at Schwab. On a more personal note, we have made the courageous decision to move away from our friends and family to help our clients achieve financial freedom. And somehow, we’ve found a place to call home in Westlake, Texas. So, in an effort to bring us closer to create our “schwamily”, I wanted to cultivate a place for people to feel at home. I have combined my passion for giving back to the community with my passion for recognizing my colleagues for the incredible work they do. Also, I helped establish a committee that encompassed volunteering, team building, and recognition awards for the Academy.

I’ve seen how this open and supportive environment we have created brings forth bravery, leadership, and a sense of comfort in the uncomfortable. My manager at the time, Jess Noe, repeatedly discusses the importance of feeling comfortable enough in order to give and receive feedback to and from colleagues and leadership at all levels. He has taught me the immense power of being in a company that seeks to challenge the status quo by inciting feminine voices and a variety of different opinions to every table. Consistent encouragement to speak up for what is right for the client, for myself, and for my co-workers is more than motivating – it is inspiring.

That young college graduate is now developing into a self-assured leader. In such a short period of time, I have learned to embrace the confident leader my mom taught me to be, and I attribute this entirely to my work here at Schwab. I am committed to this company because being different is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged, and ethical behavior is embedded in the culture. I am both lucky and grateful that Schwab chose me. I am a young, empowered woman helping to build Schwab’s story one client at a time. I always knew I would need to drive myself to success, what I didn’t know was how supportive my company could be. Schwab is vested in my future because my future is their future.

Learn more about Schwab’s Financial Consultant Academy:

7 Tech Companies Hiring in Austin

Many people looking to work for a tech company automatically think of Silicon Valley, the iconic home to some of the world’s most famous tech companies. However, the increasing demand for tech work has expanded the tech community beyond the Valley. Nicknamed the “Silicon Hills,” Austin, Texas is the rising tech hub of the Midwest. Tech companies hiring in Austin range from Salesforce to Google and provide incredible places for employees to grow and thrive.

Austin is the ideal location for job seekers looking for work in the tech industry in the great state of Texas. With endless job opportunities and an unemployment rate lower than the national average, Austin is the place to be. Here are seven tech companies hiring in Austin to jump-start your job search.


Facebook is a global powerhouse that strives to give people the power to build community. The digital network has been around for more than a decade; however, it’s recent expansion to Austin has brought many opportunities for job seekers outside of Silicon Valley.

Facebook’s well-known benefits and perks include free meals, flexible work hours and other on-site amenities. Additionally, new parents receive four months of paid time off during the first year of the child’s birth or adoption.

Facebook’s company culture encourages learning and growth in giving employees the freedom to experiment with new ideas.

SailPoint Technologies

SailPoint Technologies is an identity and access management provider.The company works with organizations around the globe and is founded on the values of innovation, integrity, impact, and individualism.

Named as one of Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Places to Work, SailPoint offers its employees comprehensive health benefits, flexible work hours, and maternity and paternity leave.

At SailPoint, you’ll learn and grow from your coworkers while also enjoying a positive work-life balance.


Tenfold is an Austin-based software company that streamlines the way customer service departments communicate with their clients. The medium-sized startup employs 114 workers and launched in 2014.

Despite its startup status, Tenfold takes care of its employees with dental, vision and health care insurance, and unlimited vacation time.

Employees at Tenfold are empowered to continuously create and develop new ideas as the young company grows.


Aceable is another small Austin-based startup with 82 employees. The company is a mobile drivers education platform that offers affordable, engaging, and convenient educational content.

The company offers health benefit packages, commuter benefits, paid volunteer time, and more!

As an ed-tech company, it is important for its employees to continue to progress. With this in mind, Aceable offers its employees book and tuition stipends to help them advance their careers.


Cisco is an international networking company that develops intelligent networks, technology, and services.

The tech giant offers its employees generous perks and benefits, from flexible work hours to access to a state-of-the-art fitness center. Its standout out perk is an employee recognition program. Employees nominate their peers that embody the Cisco company culture for a cash award; as a matter of fact, 87% of Cisco employees have received an award.

Cisco has a community of go-getters who are bold, proactive, and imaginative. You’ll be encouraged to think outside of the box.


Oracle is a multinational company that specializes in database software products and cloud engineered systems.

The software company not only cares about quality high-end products, but also its employees. Its generous insurance benefits include health, disability, occupational accident insurance and more.

The fast-paced work environment at Oracle will force you to think on your feet. It will also propel you to discover and develop both inside and outside of the office.


GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. The company became well known for its shock and awe media presence. However, in contrast, the company’s values and culture stress the need to not only take care of its customers, but also its employees.

The company provides medical and dental healthcare with some plans having no premiums! GoDaddy is dedicated to improving overall wellness with health fairs, free flu shots, and an onsite workout facility.

At GoDaddy, they believe that to take care of their 17 million customers, they must take care of each other. This company culture and growth mindset environment will allow you to grow exponentially at GoDaddy.

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