February 19, 2019 Lindsay Smith

Black History Month: Chacy Tonge’s Story

“I want to make an impact,” says Chacy Tonge who has been based in Schwab’s Orlando Service Center for nearly 13 years. “It’s important for to me focus on my life’s purpose and part of that, for me, is leaving a legacy. It’s why I am a member of Schwab’s Employee Resource Group: Black Professionals at Charles Schwab (BPACS).”

Chacy is the co-chair of Schwab’s Orlando BPACS, a group of Schwabbies who celebrate, educate and advocate for the Black community by developing programming to empower our workforce and the communities where we live, often through financial literacy education.

“In honor of Black History Month this year, the Orlando BPACS group is holding a bake sale with the proceeds going to benefit the Chanell Wright Foundation,” says Chacy. “The Foundation helps children with sickle cell disease, a condition that disproportionally affects those of African descent.”

The Orlando BPACS Chapter meets monthly, to not only plan their next volunteer endeavor, but to learn about black history and focus on professional development.

“It’s part of my vision for our BPACS group,” says Chacy. “I am a Gallup Strengths Coach, and I really believe in supporting people through coaching, mentorship and professional development. I think our employee resource group is a great place to support that kind of effort and help build the next generation of African American leaders at Schwab.”

Chacy, who grew up on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Croix, spends her time away from work keeping up with her two boys, ages eight and 15. She’s close to finishing her bachelor’s degree in technology at Seminole State College and spends her time at Schwab working in policy and execution as a risk analyst.

“Working at Schwab has just been the right fit for me,” says Chacy. “I’ve never worked for a company that embraces diversity and inclusion as much as Schwab does. And it gives me a lot of pride to be a part of something at work, like BPACS, that is impactful and helpful to others.”

And for Chacy, it’s that ability to make an impact that really matters. “For me, it’s about what I’m doing to leave a lasting impact. I always think about that dash on my tombstone; that dash between when I was born and when I die. What does my dash look like? How can I accomplish as much as possible to really leave an imprint in that space.”

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