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Best Neighborhoods in Austin to Move to in 2020

Moving to a new city can be a stressful endeavor. There are several moving factors like meeting new professionals, finding a dream job—and, finding a place to live.

Overall, the city of Austin is seeing an increase in its population as job-seekers make it their new home. In fact, Austin sees up to 35 new residents added to its community each day. Essentially, the city of Austin is growing and shows no sign of stopping.

Luckily, the neighborhoods in Austin are just as unique as the city itself. So, after you’ve lined up a great career at one of the best companies in Austin, finding your new home is next!

Start your search and find your next home with this list of the best neighborhoods in Austin below.

Best Neighborhoods in Austin to Move to in 2020

1. Mueller

One of central Austin’s bustling communities is Mueller. This neighborhood was built on what used to be Austin’s Robert Mueller Municipal Airport before it was relocated in 1999.

Mueller’s continuing development follows numerous goals, such as economic development and sustainability. For example, the community was built just three miles from Downtown Austin to encourage less dependence on cars.

When it comes to adaptability, the homes in Mueller are some of the best to meet the needs of various family sizes and shapes. With a mix of lofts, apartments, and houses, this neighborhood is diverse and flexible for those looking to move to Austin.

2. Tarrytown

Tarrytown is known as one of the most popular neighborhoods in Austin, thanks in part to its location. Residents of this neighborhood are located right between Lake Austin and Downtown Austin.

There is a lot of history to the Tarrytown community as well. For example, residents can still visit and shop at the old-fashioned Tarrytown Pharmacy, which has been serving its community since 1941.

All in all, this neighborhood is perfect for those looking for a short commute to Downtown and the various historic sites available in Tarrytown.

3. Downtown

Naturally, many looking to move to Austin will consider what its Downtown community has to offer. Thanks to the lively and unique culture that Austin provides with its music festivals, restaurants, as well as its parks, you’ll find it hard to run out of things to do!

For those looking for a neighborhood that is close to their new career in Austin, then Downtown is worth checking out. There are a variety of options to buy or rent that celebrate an urban and relaxed lifestyle for its new residents.

Austin’s downtown area has some of the most innovative employers in Texas! For your next new career, check out the top Austin employers looking to hire.

4. Clarksville

Clarksville is one of Austin’s oldest historic districts, located right next to Downtown Austin. The neighborhood has a mix of both historic homes from its early 1900s development as well as modern built and renovated homes.

Residents of Clarksville can easily browse the local art scene thanks to nearby boutiques and art galleries. Plus, if you’re looking for your new favorite restaurant, there are many to choose from in Clarksville.

5. Leander

Leander is a fast-growing neighborhood in the Austin, Texas area. Many residents who are looking for affordable homes, as well as that unique Austin lifestyle, may find themselves in Leander.

The community of Leander is also known for its inclusiveness and family-friendly attitude, making it a great place to raise children. Thus, this neighborhood is the right fit for those moving to Austin with their family.

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