10 U.S. Cities with Booming Job Markets & Growth Opportunities

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The pandemic may have challenged businesses and employment rates at its peak, but it also created new and unique job opportunities across all industries. This is evident in the country’s unemployment rate, which has dropped to 4.2% in November 2021 from 6.1% in May.  As economies begin to recover and new businesses emerge, the future looks bright for job seekers interested in widening horizons.

No matter what your skills or experience may be, there’s a city out there with a booming job market that’s just perfect for you. If you’re looking to make a move in the next year, these are the 10 best job markets in the U.S. for 2022.

10 Best Cities for Jobs in 2022

Looking for greener pastures? We have the stats on the best 10 best job markets in the U.S. to help you get started on the next step in your career.

1. Austin, TX

Austin consistently ranks as one of the best cities for jobs and career growth. In addition to its thriving tech industry, Austin is home to major employers in healthcare, finance, and other sectors. With an unemployment rate around 3% and projected job growth of over 36% by 2022, Austin is one of the top cities on our list for career opportunities.

2. Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is a growing tech hub in the heart of North Carolina. The city has been named by Forbes as one of America’s best places for business and careers, with a strong job market and steady opportunities for growth over the next five years. Raleigh may not have the culture or diversity of larger cities on our list, but it certainly offers an abundance of jobs in a variety of fields. It also tops our list when it comes to overall quality of life — not that this should be your main reason for choosing a place to live, but it’s always nice to know you could retire there!

3. Seattle, WA

Seattle is home to some of America’s top employers, including Microsoft and Amazon. With an unemployment rate of just 4.6%, it’s also one of the best cities for job growth in 2022. It’s also worth noting that while rent is high, incomes are on par with many larger cities. Seattle is one of the first major cities to mandate a substantially high minimum wage for workers, which will see pay rise from $16.69 per hour in 2021 to $17.27 in 2022.

4. Denver, CO

Colorado has long been known as a great state for businesses and careers. The advent of legal marijuana bolstered Colorado’s economy even further; but now that most other states have legalized cannabis too, where does that leave Colorado? Fortunately, Denver remains at the forefront of new technology, thanks to companies like Ibotta, SendGrid, and Map Large. Denver is also home to major employers in the aerospace and healthcare industries. With an unemployment rate of 5.6%, Denver is one of the best cities for jobs in the tech or business sectors.

5. Dallas, TX

Dallas has been one of America’s fastest-growing cities for years now; this is it’s consistently listed as one of the best job markets in the U.S.. The city is home to major employers in finance, technology, and other industries, and it’s projected to have some of the best job growth numbers in the country over the next few years. Dallas also offers ample opportunity for career growth and advancement, making it a great choice for any professional looking to take the next step in their career.

6. Nashville, TN

Nashville is perhaps best known for its music industry, but with an unemployment rate of 3.5% and projected job growth of over 3.9% for 2022, it’s becoming more well-known for its booming job market as well. In fact, many major companies have been expanding offices or opening new locations in Nashville recently including Amazon and HCA Healthcare. Due to this high demand, salaries are skyrocketing in the city — which sounds nice, but do take note that rent prices will also likely go up with them.

7. Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh offers a number of opportunities for career growth and advancement, thanks to companies like Google and Apple who have chosen to establish offices and headquarters there. With an unemployment rate of 4.8% and projected job growth of 16%, the city is home to one of the strongest job markets in America. It’s easy to understand why so many young people are making their way back to Pittsburgh after years of decline. The jobs are there, the rent is affordable, and, now, an influx of millennials has brought with it a renewed arts and culture scene as well!

8. Miami, FL

Miami offers plenty of opportunities for career advancement thanks to companies like Carnival Cruise Lines who have established a strong presence here. While income levels may not be as high as other major cities on our list, they’re still higher than average — and the cost of living is low compared to other cities in the South and East Coast. With an unemployment rate of 3.8% in October 2021 (from 7.1% in June of the same year) and projected job growth of 21%, Miami is one of the best US cities for jobs right now!

9. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is home to one of the strongest job markets in America with an unemployment rate of 3.2% and projected job growth of 34%. Many people are moving to Phoenix for work. And when you consider the low cost of living, it’s easy to understand why. Between opportunities in technology and business, as well as medical professions like nursing and dental hygiene, anyone looking for a career in Texas can find what they’re looking for here.

10. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has long been known as a great city for young professionals. With an unemployment rate of just 3.1% and projected job growth of 28%, Atlanta is home to one of the strongest job markets in America. In addition to ample opportunity for career growth, the city also offers a variety of entertainment and cultural attractions. Whether you’re looking for a career in business or technology, Atlanta is a great place to be.

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