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300 W. Sixth St
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Employees: 10000+ employees

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Facebook is a global powerhouse driven by our unique culture and dedication to innovation. At Facebook, we believe in empowering employees to pursue their passions. Thus, employees are encouraged to be bold and solve the problems they care about most. We work in small, diverse teams and move quickly to develop new products and services. We are inspired by the phrase “this journey is 1% finished,” which reminds us that we have only just begun to fulfill our mission of bringing the world closer together.

At Facebook, we know that we would not be the company we are without our employees. Working at Facebook means making an impact on billions of people around the world each day. With nearly 2 billion users today, we are driven by the pursuit of bringing people closer together.

Mission: Our mission is give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

Facebook Company Perks

If you desire to make an impact in the world, are inspired by innovation, and are looking to turn your passions into a career, Facebook is looking for you. We’re hiring technical analytics associates, finance professionals, software developers, and employees with experience in business management and operations. Though Facebook is a technology-based company, we are run by a network of employees whose expertise expand beyond technology. Creative and driven people looking to build their careers at a largely successful company should consider a career with Facebook.

At Facebook, we believe that our employee benefits and perks make it the best place to work. But, don’t just take our word for it:

  • #12 on FORTUNE’s list of World’s Most Admired Companies
  • Named Glassdoor’s Number 1 Best Places to Work in 2018
  • CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, named as one of the top 10 CEOs to work under
  • 92% of employees would recommend this company to friends and family

More than just a paycheck, when you find your calling at Facebook, it comes with benefits like these:

  • Unmatched company culture
  • Travel privileges for employees and their eligible dependents
  • An excellent benefits package, including a covered health plan of your choice, personalized 401K plan, and dental/vision insurance
  • Unlimited free food and free gym membership

If you believe that a position at Facebook is fit for you, please apply today at Facebook.com/careers.

Facebook Company Culture

Facebook Employees have the benefit of experiencing our company culture firsthand. At Facebook, we believe that every employee plays a part in creating the company culture that has set us head and shoulders above the rest. Our passion for an engaging corporate culture is not without purpose. The culture at Facebook supports our mission to build community.

The four vital elements of our culture are authenticity, personal meaning, initiative and constant support. Company culture influences a healthy work-life balance. Facebook believes that the most meaningful work comes from those who are allowed to be their most authentic self. More so, employees are expected to take initiative and personalize their teams. Employees build their own place within the company.

Facebook’s dedication to building community also flows into our employee development programs. The company works hard to support families and employees who are facing hard times. Facebook implements policies and programs that support people as they go through all stages of their life. As stated by Lori Goler, our Vice President of People, “It’s about showing up for people when they need it most.”

Non-uniformed employees enjoy a casual dress code and a flexible schedule. Even more, employees have the opportunity to work from home. Also, expecting employees can breath easy with our 4-month maternity and paternity leave.

Facebook recognizes 11 national holidays a year for full-time employees. More so, employees are allocated up to 21 vacation days of the employee’s choosing each year.

Financial Benefits
Financial and retirement benefits provide stability to full-time employees. Employees have the opportunity to create personalized retirement and 401k plans. Along with yearly salaries, employees can earn performance bonuses and have access to stock options.

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