Apps That Help You Stay Organized At Work

Apps That Help You Stay Organized

Do you feel distracted at work, or feel as though tasks are falling off your radar? If you find yourself overwhelmed or off-kilter at the office, keep reading. We’ve created a list of some of the most user-friendly and helpful apps that help you stay organized at work. Get ready to hit the App Store!

Best Apps That Help You Stay Organized At Work

Cross off your to-do list using Awesome Note

This app is exceptional for the Type A and the Type-A wannabes. Awesome Note (+To Do) isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth the cost ($3.99). It’s an iOS app for to-do lists and notes that features graphics and offers plenty of versatility. Upon opening this app, you’ll see that it has visual appeal, complete with color-coded lists and calendars that you can organize and rearrange as you wish. It’s every time management enthusiast’s dream, as users can also set alarms for specific to-dos and calendar events. You can even choose your own backgrounds, colors and fonts to fashion your lists to your personal preference. Happy organizing!

Halt distractions with RescueTime

Without keeping track of how many times you check Instagram or scroll through your Twitter feed throughout your workday, distractions can accumulate. RescueTime is a desktop program that tracks how much time you spend on everything from checking your bank accounts to working on Excel spreadsheets to unrelated actions (such as checking social media). Every time you switch to a new window, RescueTime resets the clock but keeps a running tally that paints a thorough picture of how you really spend your time online.

The next day, you can see tables and graphs that display precisely how you’ve utilized your time (and where). The app can even pinpoint your most productive days/times of the week. Up to here, the program is free — but there’s also a paid version that can automatically block certain websites for the amount of time you specify, in order to help you stay focused on the priorities. The more you use the app, the better you’ll become at resisting temptation and using your time wisely without needing an online watchdog.

Save your files & notes all in one spot, thanks to Evernote

Evernote is one of the best apps that help you stay organized, and it’s free! It allows you to manage and edit your own files both in and out of the application. (Bonus tip: Install a desktop button so it’s always accessible.) Whether you need to save a PDF of the article you’re reading or import documents and notes, this app is your go-to tool. Evernote is searchable as well, so you won’t have trouble finding your files. If you plan on frequently importing physical files, you might consider the newer Evernote Scannable ( iOS only), where you can scan in notes, documents and papers by taking pictures using your smartphone or tablet.

Map your success via Mindnode

Mind-mapping is an excellent way to brainstorm new ideas and plot out your thoughts visually. Mindnode arranges tasks and concepts in a colorful web that slightly resembles a public transit map.

These aesthetically pleasing networks apparently mirror the way the brain works, rendering it simpler to find connections and add new ideas. Within the app, you start a “mind map” by typing your overall goal in the center of a blank screen. You then insert connections, write notes and pinpoint smaller tasks that must be completed.

Mindnode’s canvas expands automatically to accommodate even the most exhaustive projects, such as planning a wedding. Also, the Mac desktop version allows you to embed photos and documents alongside your ideas. As one of the best apps to help you stay organized at work, this tool will help you organize your to-do list both in the office and in your free time.

Safely store your login info using LastPass

How many times have you had to click “Forgot Password?” and reset your login info? It’s frustrating and needlessly time-consuming. Luckily, though, there’s a free app that houses all of your passwords for websites and apps — LastPass. It secures everything from email passwords to social media logins to your bank account password in a single place. Concerned about security? Don’t worry — the app itself is password-protected. Just remember that password to access the rest!

Apps that help you stay organized at work are right at your fingertips — so there’s no excuse to let projects slip through the cracks! These options will help bump up your productivity — so head to the App Store, download and impress your manager with just how much you get done each week!

Do you frequent any other apps that help you stay organized at work? Let us know — and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn!

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