7 Tech Companies Hiring in Austin

tech companies hiring in Austin

Many people looking to work for a tech company automatically think of Silicon Valley, the iconic home to some of the world’s most famous tech companies. However, the increasing demand for tech work has expanded the tech community beyond the Valley. Nicknamed the “Silicon Hills,” Austin, Texas is the rising tech hub of the Midwest. Tech companies hiring in Austin range from Salesforce to Google and provide incredible places for employees to grow and thrive.

Austin is the ideal location for job seekers looking for work in the tech industry in the great state of Texas. With endless job opportunities and an unemployment rate lower than the national average, Austin is the place to be. Here are seven tech companies hiring in Austin to jump-start your job search.

Tech Companies Hiring in Austin


Facebook is a global powerhouse that strives to give people the power to build community. The digital network has been around for more than a decade; however, it’s recent expansion to Austin has brought many opportunities for job seekers outside of Silicon Valley.

Facebook’s well-known benefits and perks include free meals, flexible work hours and other on-site amenities. Additionally, new parents receive four months of paid time off during the first year of the child’s birth or adoption.

Facebook’s company culture encourages learning and growth in giving employees the freedom to experiment with new ideas.

SailPoint Technologies

SailPoint Technologies is an identity and access management provider. The company works with organizations around the globe and is founded on the values of innovation, integrity, impact, and individualism.

Named as one of Glassdoor’s 2018 Best Places to Work, SailPoint offers its employees comprehensive health benefits, flexible work hours, and maternity and paternity leave.

At SailPoint, you’ll learn and grow from your coworkers while also enjoying a positive work-life balance.


Tenfold is an Austin-based software company that streamlines the way customer service departments communicate with their clients. The medium-sized startup employs 114 workers and launched in 2014.

Despite its startup status, Tenfold takes care of its employees with dental, vision and health care insurance, and unlimited vacation time.

Employees at Tenfold are empowered to continuously create and develop new ideas as the young company grows.


Aceable is another small Austin-based startup with 82 employees. The company is a mobile driver’s education platform that offers affordable, engaging, and convenient educational content.

The company offers health benefits packages, commuter benefits, paid volunteer time, and more!

As an ed-tech company, it is important for its employees to continue to progress. With this in mind, Aceable offers its employee’s book and tuition stipends to help them advance their careers.


Cisco is an international networking company that develops intelligent networks, technology, and services.

The tech giant offers its employees generous perks and benefits, from flexible work hours to access to a state-of-the-art fitness center. Its standout out perk is an employee recognition program. Employees nominate their peers that embody the Cisco company culture for a cash award; as a matter of fact, 87% of Cisco employees have received an award.

Cisco has a community of go-getters who are bold, proactive, and imaginative. You’ll be encouraged to think outside of the box.


Oracle is a multinational company that specializes in database software products and cloud engineered systems.

The software company not only cares about quality high-end products but also its employees. Its generous insurance benefits include health, disability, occupational accident insurance and more.

The fast-paced work environment at Oracle will force you to think on your feet. It will also propel you to discover and develop both inside and outside of the office.


GoDaddy is an Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. The company became well known for its shock and awe media presence. In contrast, the company’s values and culture stress the need to not only take care of its customers but also its employees.

With this in mind, GoDaddy is dedicated to improving overall wellness. The company provides medical and dental healthcare with some plans having no premiums. In addition, the company hosts health fairs,  and provides free flu shots and an onsite workout facility.

At GoDaddy, they believe that to take care of their 17 million customers, they must take care of each other. This company culture and growth mindset environment will allow you to grow exponentially at GoDaddy.

Austin, Texas, is a bustling city that is growing with opportunity! These are only some of the outstanding tech companies hiring in Austin. Likewise, there are a plethora of financial services companies, FinTech companies, and more. Find your dream job in Texas! Discover valuable resources to get you hired on BestCompaniesTX. Your best career starts here!

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