December 26, 2018 BestCompaniesUSA

5 Ways to Meet Other Young Professionals in Dallas

For young professionals, transitioning out of university and into the workforce is an exciting time. You finally get to put the things you’ve learned to great use! However, it can also be frustrating because you must assimilate to a new environment and community of people. Don’t fret because we have put together a list of five ways to meet other young professionals in Dallas to make your transition a little easier.

Whether you’re looking for a skilled individual to join your start-up, grow your network, or find like-minded peers we’ve gathered a list of options to help you in the next phase of your career.

Cowork Spaces

Coworking offices are a great way to meet young professionals in Dallas! Coworking spaces are unlike traditional coffee shops because they are specifically designed for professionals and entrepreneurs to work and collaborate. These community spaces are so great because diverse groups of people with different talents, viewpoints, education levels, and thought processes are gathered under one roof. In addition, coworking spaces usually require a membership or entrance fee to provide amenities that a coffee shop would not have. Amenities may include a private high-speed internet connection, private workspaces, and refreshments.

Networking Events

Of all the tips to meet young professionals in Dallas, networking events are one of the most traditional. Most professionals that go to networking events are attending specifically to meet other professionals and build connections for future use. At a networking event, you are most likely to find people who are serious about advancing business ventures and relationships.


Go to a conference that gets you fired up! Like networking events, conferences are a great way to meet other young professionals in your area. However, conferences are a more casual event where there is less pressure to network like you would at a networking event. At these events, you are able to meet a multitude of people with similar interests. Also, an added benefit, you get to learn about a topic that you are passionate about! Communing with like-minded people in these spaces can be the start of a mutually beneficial partnership.


Meet new people and make an impact on the community through associations. Associations allow you to learn about an interest outside of the workplace, and network within a closed group. Within these groups, you may also receive opportunities that may not be available to you otherwise like job listings and insider industry information. There is an association for most interests including alumni association or professional associations based on your industry or demographic.


Professional social media platforms like LinkedIn is a skillful way to access thousands of professionals in your area. Social platforms like this are great because you can gain access to people that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. In a snapshot, you are able to learn about a person’s background, work experience, skills, and interests and choose to connect with them.

Transitioning into the workforce is an exciting time, but it can be hard finding new connections within the industry. Use these five suggestions to meet other young professionals in Dallas.