5 Creative Resume Skills To Enhance Your Talents On Paper

creative resume skills

A recent study revealed that about three out of four employees feel so dissatisfied with their current jobs that they’re seeking employment elsewhere. If you fall within that slice of the workforce, it may be time to spruce up your resume and begin the job hunt. One facet of the process? Add some creative resume skills and strengths aside from listing your work experience. Add some zest to your resume with interesting, attractive skills. Beyond basic bullet points such as “Microsoft Office proficiency” or “foreign language fluency,” read on for five creative resume skills to include.

5 Creative Resume Skills To Include

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking encompasses a variety of evaluation techniques among data, facts, ideas and more. The ability to think critically entails one of the most sought-after qualities that employers look for in job candidates. For instance, employers list this skill as a job qualification in a broad range of job postings. Regardless of the position for which you are applying, critical thinking skills will be an in-demand asset.

Interpersonal Abilities

People skills describe the ways in which you communicate and interact with others. To recruiters, interpersonal skills prove one of the top criteria used to evaluate candidates. Regardless of your field, the majority of careers require consistent interaction with other people. While you might excel at the technical aspects of your job, it’s necessary that you display good people skills and communicate well. Emphasizing interpersonal strengths is a good way to include creative resume skills.

Conflict Resolution

This is an inevitable part of any role. Conflict within organizations can reduce productivity and create a difficult or hostile environment. This leads to unwanted turnover in employees or dejected morale. If you can diffuse conflict, it’ll make for a marketable skill to include on your resume.

Organizational Proficiency

Organizational skills are some of the most significant and transferable capabilities an employee can have. This helps you plan, prioritize and achieve goals you set. It goes beyond basic filing and sorting paperwork; rather, how do you approach a long to-do list? Furthermore, how do you ensure your work is completed in a timely, adequate manner?

The ability to keep work organized allows employees to focus on different projects without getting disoriented or overwhelmed, overall increasing productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Teamwork Skills

While it seems obvious, demonstrating your ability to collaborate is important and will paint you as an attractive candidate. Even if you complete the bulk of your job duties solo, you will still need to think of your work in the context of the company’s overarching goals and mission. This includes communicating your accomplishments to coworkers at the organization and working alongside them to produce the best results. Highlight teamwork as one of your creative resume skills to display a unique asset.

So, what other creative resume skills would you include? Let us know on our social channels — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! For example, one social media user recommended including your Myers Briggs type.

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