3 Financial Technology Companies in Austin

financial technology companies in austin

The financial technology (fintech) industry is a game-changer! Innovation from new, advanced technology has changed the way we bank, disrupting traditional banks. But where did fintech come from?

The industry is a conglomerate of the financial and technology businesses that introduce new ways to approach financial problems with technology. These technological businesses are diverse. Some companies use payment apps, while others utilize more complex solutions like software applications and artificial intelligence.

Fintech combines the best of both worlds – finance and technology – to innovate cutting edge services for customers. The industry is still very young, making it possible for people of diverse specialties to make the move into fintech and apply their skills. If you think that the FinTech industry might be a good fit for you, check out our favorite financial technology companies in Austin, Texas.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab helps their clients transform their lives with exceptional investment services. This fintech company sees investing as an act of optimism and commitment to the future which is why the emphasis of technology is so important here.

At Charles Schwab, employees affectionately known as Schwabbies use forward-thinking technologies to champion the goals of the client with passion and integrity. Whether you’re an experienced financial professional, technology expert or new to the fintech industry, Charles Schwab is an employer that gives its employees the opportunity to do their best work.


Tax services company Ryan assists international clients with world-class tax services including tax recovery, consulting, advocacy, compliance, and technology services. Because of its dedication to top of the line service, Ryan has been awarded five International Service Excellence Awards from the Customer Services Institute of America.

The company combines technology and financial services to provide a top-notch product for clients around the world. By using technology to enhance their services, Ryan fulfills its mission to liberate their clients from the burden of being overtaxed, free their capital to invest, grow and thrive.

Austin Asset

Austin Asset is an investment firm that conducts financial planning studies for clients that integrate the assignment of a purpose to any investments. At Austin Asset, the mission is to bring clarity and purpose to wealth through authentic and enduring relationships. The financial technology company is able to deliver on this goal with the implementation of technology.

The firm uses cutting edge technology to make accurate and informed strategies to improve their clients investments. With over 30 years of experience, multiple national recognitions, and more than $855 million in investments under management, the company not only meets their goals but exceeds expectations.

The fintech industry disrupted the way traditional banks operate and has created a new standard of banking. New technologies that are created daily will continue to evolve the financial technology. To learn more about the financial technology industry in Austin, visit Best Companies Texas. If you’re interested in working at a fintech company in Texas, browse open positions here! Then, check out our article about interview questions and answers for financial analysts and advisors.

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