15 Best Interview Questions for Advisors and Analysts


You are looking for a new financial analyst or financial advisor, but you want to make sure that you hire the perfect candidate. Below, we have compiled a list of 15 of the best interview questions for advisors and analysts. We have included interview questions from BestCompanieTexas most successful companies. You are sure to find the best candidate for your company if you utilize these interview questions!

1. What is your process in a sales conversation?

The success of an advisor or analysts is influenced by their ability to create new clients. For companies like Charles Schwab, this interview question is vital to their decision making because it determines if a candidate is equipped to grow their client base.

2. How would you direct a conversation with a customer that has never worked with a financial advisor or analyst before?

Companies draw in new clients every day. Many clients have never worked with a financial advisor before, making them unsure of where to begin and curious about what the client-advisor relationship is like. At Ryan, LLC., a candidate’s ability to answer this interview question is an important indicator of a his or her communication skills.

3. Please share about a time or situation where you established trust with a customer. How did you go about establishing trust?

Handing your financial information off to a financial advisor can be scary. Establishing a trusting relationship with a client is essential in maintaining and growing your client base. Employers should look for candidates that can confidently answer this interview question.

4. Tell us about a time you cross sold?

Within large companies like Charles Schwab, many different products and services are available to potential customers. A candidate that has experience in cross-selling is a great asset to a team because they can capitalize on their company’s offerings.

5. Have you ever worked with a client who had a negative experience and turned it into a positive experience? If so, share your process.

Unhappy customers are unavoidable. No matter how successful or popular your services are, there will always be customers who are unsatisfied. This is a popular interview question for companies with large client bases, such as USAA. A financial advisor or analyst should always be prepared to change a negative experience into a positive one.

6. If you had $1 million dollars to invest in a company, what are some key things you would consider?

Financial advisors and analysts will work with many clients that are looking to invest. Candidates should be educated on investments and stocks. When applying to large financial firms in the likes of Ryan, LLC., and Charles Schwab, candidates should be able to answer this interview question with ease.

7. What is the difference between an ETF and mutual fund?

It is essential that candidates are educated on financial components. Questions that give insight into a candidate’s financial knowledge are important for companies that specialize in financial services, such as Vanguard.

8. How would you handle finding a discrepancy in details?

A discrepancy in details can happen one of two ways: purposely or accidentally. Working with numbers and figures can often lead to mistakes, so it is important to ask about the candidate’s process of addressing and analyzing these types of errors.

9. What are key factors financial analysts should consider when evaluating prospective investments?

This question is important when hiring a potential analyst or advisor because it assesses the candidate’s financial analysis skills. The candidate’s knowledge on the financial analysis process can be determined through their answer to this question.

10. Which statements on the balance sheet would you reference to assess assets and liabilities? Why?

Financial analysts and advisors must have a vast knowledge on finances and balance sheets. Clients will rely on your candidate to provide insight and advice. The candidate’s analytical and decision-making skills will shine through based on their answer to this interview question.

11. What is net present value and future value. How do you use them?

The goals of investing or purchasing stock are to increase the monetary value of the money being invested. To determine the present value of the investment or stock, a financial advisor must calculate the present value and future value. An educated candidate can not only answer this question, but also explain the importance of these calculations.

12. If you had to make a lending decision based on one part or type of accounting statement, which would it be?

Knowledge of balance sheets and accounting statements is essential in the daily tasks of a financial advisor or analyst. Decisions based on the accounting statement should be made easily.

13. How would you go about creating a client base from scratch?

Often times, financial advisors are responsible for creating for own client base. Whether it be through personal communication or going into the community, gaining new customers is essential to an advisor’s success. A candidate with a plan of action to build their client base shows that they have the ability to drive and succeed  amongst obstacles.

14. What would you say to a client that is fearful of the current economy?

In the world of finances and business, it is no secret that the economy is constantly in flux. Often, clients with investments or stocks become fearful of their financial stability. The answer to this question provides insight on the candidate’s ability to resolve conflicts and build trust with clients.

15. What does success look like to you?

Successful companies often attract employees with an intrinsic drive to excel personally and professionally. A desire to succeed leads to greater employee engagement and customer loyalty. The candidate’s answer to this question is a great indicator of how the candidate will fit into your company’s culture.

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