12 Best Places to Post Job Openings

Where is the best place to post a job opening?

To help hiring managers decide where to post job openings, we asked HR experts and business leaders this question for their best insights. From workforce development boards to LinkedIn, there are several suggestions that may help you determine optimal places to post your next job opening to fill the role fast. 

Here are 12 tips for places to post job openings: 

  • Try Workforce Development Boards
  • Look for Target Job Sites
  • Post on Your Company Website
  • Recruit for Startups on AngelList
  • Check Out Getwork’s Platform
  • Connect With Talent on LinkedIn
  • Head to Niche Marketplaces
  • Email a Candidate Directly
  • Consider Recent Grads on Handshake
  • Include Indeed in Your Repertoire
  • Share Openings on Social Media
  • Use Ladders for a Free Option


Try Workforce Development Boards

Government programs (i.e., Texas Workforce Commission) are often overlooked by employers but can be a diverse and abundant resource for producing qualified applicants. The publicly-funded workforce development system is a national network of federal, state, regional, and local agencies that provide a wide range of employment, education, and training services to assist job-seekers, while also providing businesses with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.

Jessica Wise, HelpSquad


Look for Targeted Job Search Sites

There are hundreds of job search sites out there, and while the big ones tend to come to mind first (i.e., LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, and Indeed), I tend to also prefer the more targeted sites. 

For example, Builtin is catered to startups and the tech space. BradTraverse, District Daybook, and Tom Manatos cater to the public policy and policy communications space. The Center for Association Leadership focuses on trade association positions. GoInhouse and GoBiglaw focus on attorney postings. The more targeted sites tend to attract more of the right types of candidates.

Jennifer Holtz, Second Wind Career Strategies


Post on Your Company Website

One of the simplest and most effective places to post an opening is on your own website. It seems like a no-brainer but once it’s posted, ask your employees to share it with their network. Employee referrals can be some of the best hires because you have a built-in mentor and someone who has skin in the game on your new hire’s success. Go a step further and have an incentive bonus to encourage employee referrals. This can be a consistent candidate pool for future openings. 

Jenn Christie, Markitors


Recruit for Startups on AngelList

If your business is a startup and you’re looking for individuals specifically interested in working at startups, AngelList is a great resource for posting your job openings. With so many people utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn and Indeed, it’s convenient to have a job platform that welcomes a more niche group of businesses and job candidates.

Kristen Dole, NowADays


Check Out Getwork’s Platform

From their exceptional customer service to their talented candidate pool, Getwork is a revolutionary platform when it comes to effective hiring. While you can’t directly post to their website, you can get in touch with their team and settle upon a customized pricing option. Given their vast database of active job seekers and impressive cost-per-click solutions, this isn’t a platform you should skip out on.

Larissa Pickens, Worksion


Connect With Talent on LinkedIn

Posting a job opening on LinkedIn gives you a chance to connect with real, well-matched prospects rather than collecting tons of irrelevant applications. What really helps to get the ad out there are relevant hashtags that you include in the ad description. 

When searching for offers by hashtags, job seekers can find what they are looking for, including the industry, position, or even a chosen location. On top of that, you can reach professionals open to new opportunities and enter groups that gather professionals within the industry. LinkedIn gives you a chance to get connected with candidates immediately and check out their professional profiles.

Nina Krol, Tidio


Head to Niche Marketplaces

If you want to hire top candidates that won’t lose steam or jump ship before they hit the one-year mark, steer clear of global job boards. Most job seekers who use them shotgun their resumes at whatever job ad comes by, hoping something will pop up. As a result, you’ll get a candidate pool with little to no high-value candidates. 

Instead, my recommendation is to hit niche marketplaces (e.g., FlexJobs, Startupers, and Handshake) where the cream of the crop hangs out. While general-purpose job boards serve as a central hub designed to source talent across a variety of verticals, niche marketplaces help find candidates with specific skillsets and expertise that will have a better chance to fit your hiring needs. 

Need an example? If you’re looking for a robust content writer to take your content game to new heights, you’ll have much better luck finding them on a niche marketplace like ProBlogger than a global job board.

Magda Klimkiewicz, Zety


Email a Candidate Directly

The best place to post a job opening is in a candidate’s inbox. If you know someone you would like to work for you, that is a great start, and you should start by sending them a message. If you are looking for a particular skill set and a specific background without a specific person in mind, you should use the filters on LinkedIn to find your ideal candidate. Once you have found them, you can send them a direct message about your opening.

Wesley Jacobs, Apollo Medical Travel


Consider Recent Grads on Handshake

One of the best places to post job openings is none other than Handshake. Indeed, as a job board that connects employers with students + young alumni, you can easily filter on your alma mater. Doing so enables a personal connection, a sense of professional validation, and a way for startups and large corporations alike to strategically look for and find passionate interns.

Jameson Rodgers, CBDfx


Include Indeed in Your Repertoire

Indeed is the best place to post job ads because they have an intuitive interface and allow candidates to take skills tests that they can use when applying for jobs in their field. Indeed also lets employers search through resumes to find the ideal employee.

James Sun, Beauty Tap


Share Openings on Social Media

Posting your job openings on your social media pages can help find candidates who already love your company. This may help draw out passive job seekers who are already working but would leave their current job for the right opportunity. Finding people like this who are familiar with your brand and have an interest can garner employees who will be highly motivated to grow the company.

Benjamin Smith, DISCO


Use Ladders for a Free Option

For a great place to post job openings, check out Ladders. It is a solid free online job list for companies to use. There are options to have paid postings to boost applications if your company requires that feature.

Justin Chan, June Shine


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